Stuck in rock after crash game


hi everybody, after a game crash i as stuck in rock. I was rebooting game and PS4 and i was in same place. I kill myself and lost all of my thing.
Im very frustrated, where can i make a chicane

TBH it will be faster to get new gear than wait for a response from FC (and they probably wont do anything about it anyway)

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Merry Christmas.
Nobody ever gets anything. You cannot wait to take back your loot. Either you lost a stone weapon or a legendary, it makes no difference. There is only one way to get your loot back and this is, farm it. In these 2 years we all have lost thousands of materials or thralls, from bugs lags lava you name it. We accept that this is the game, all you have to do is move on, I really understand your frustration, I feel it too in the past, still, this is the game, welcome to conan exiles my friend. I would love to tell you that this will be the last time that you unfairly losse things, but this would be a lie. I promise you however that if you learn the game really good, then this phenomenon will be really rare and this is the truth.

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Yes I agree with @stelagel we have all lost things throughout the yrs but you learn the hard way to avoid certain things that will bring death to your doorstep yes it’s annoying but what can you do when there’s bugs and other flaws that have been in this game since day 1 … I guess as time goes by you learn how to bypass those bugs and work around those flaws and move on but best of all you have the power of the forums you find that troublesome bug or flaw that you can’t figure out how to bypass it then you come here and ask the exile community the majority of us will help you on overcoming the problem … we are exiles expert survivalists funcom may throw bugs down our paths but we exiles will survive

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Merry Christmas. I believe that the day that all the bugs will be fixed, we will start complaining here asking them back :joy::joy::joy:, so long they become part of the game :man_facepalming:

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