Stuck in the Witch Queen Dungeon

We are stuck in the witch Queen’s dungeon the lasers did not operate and we have killed both stone giants but she will not come down to play .
We really don’t want to loose all our gear
The server is Official 1008

It’s a very common bag. Unfortunately, you have to take off your bracelets and go back to your inventory. I had the same thing, but when I came back the third time and killed the guards, that ■■■■■■■ deigned to go down

Thx for the reply

I’ve killed her several times without a problem, but I had read about the problem on the forums here.

Try killing the second statue more slowly. If you kill it slow enough, she will come down while it’s still alive (if she doesn’t bug out, I suppose). It may not help but I think it’s worth a shot. It’s also funny because the statue’s stomp will knock her ■■■ on the ground.

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