Witch queen doesn't want to fight me and I can't get out of witch queen palace

I killed both guards like 20 mins ago and she still sitting there and doing nothing and I can’t even get out of this room

Game mode: Official Testlive
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

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Repro steps:

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I hope you got a bedroll outside.
I fought her yesterday and she came down when the second statue was around 5 - 10% HP.
I was naked with stone daggers so it took a bit to kill them. Perhaps you killed them too fast and she didn’t get triggered properly… No idea!

The post has already five days and I had the same problem, outraged.

+1, what now? yay I need to write some bullsh*t too to get 15 characters, and edit to censure yaaay

Had this problem too after killing both statues, me and clan mate. We both had to log out to reset the encounter, problem was there were then 4 statues and 2 queens but it worked.

This happened on live servers, not testlive.

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Lol, guess I’ll add my wild story to this one :slight_smile:

The first time I tried to engage, I had this same problem. Destroyed the two giants, noticed no lasers happened. She didn’t engage. I logged off/in, and she had reset.

So, I started the fight again. However, this time, the statues were doubled. That is, there were actually 2 standing on the same spot! So as soon as I engaged one side, I had to fight both giants, plus lasers.

I defeated the two from one side, and thought that I probably had to do the other side too. I started that fight…but because I’d killed two, the queen engaged too! So now it was 3 on 1! Well, thankfully the queen takes damage from the statues, so as they’d do their big sword attack, sometimes it’d hit her.

After a little bit, I noticed that the lasers started up again. So, 3 on 1, with lasers. Whee. Now if I’m recalling the order of events correctly, first the queen died. Her body disappeared immediately, and I was still in combat with the two statues. She immediately reappeared on her pedestal, and I believe the lasers stopped. I defeated one of the giants, and she jumped down and engaged again.

I killed her, and this time the body stayed around, and I think when she died the last giant stopped/died. I was finally able to loot and leave. But boy, defeating 5 giants and 2 queens was quite the workout :stuck_out_tongue: