Stuck on "Attempting to Join Game"

Having a similar issue. Stuck on ‘Join Game’ screen, with infinite ‘attempting to join game’ message. It’s over the screen with the Early Access blurb.
I have no idea how to sort the steam start options, if it’s even the issue in this case…

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Are you trying to join an official, private or local server?

solo local game, so private. This loading screen issue is before the menu to choose anything.

Also having this problem, it happens after the splash screens and opening cinematic. I get stuck on the Early Access screen with Attempting to join game, having not even reached the menus let alone attempted to actually join a server.
Also left it to sit there for about 15 minutes and no change.

this is my issue exactly. I keep trying to log-in anyway, just incase it works…when I know it won’t out of ‘working hours’…

I’m also having this same exact issue.

No mods are installed.

I have deleted and reinstalled the game.

I have repaired my windows install.

I have updated all drivers.

Also having this issue.

Having the same issue, also tried to reinstall twice, remove mods, update graphics driver, still can’t get past the login screen.

There might be something you could try. In your Steam library select “properties” for Conan Exiles and choose “Set Launch Options”. In my configuration there was an IP adress listed. When I deleted that the “Join game” panel wasn’t even displayed in the game and I could press “Continue” as normal. Seems to work for now. GL :slight_smile:


That works a treat! Thanks Mucho! :slight_smile:

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That worked. Thank you.

Hey redskies do you know of any other way to fix this issue? i have checked my set launch options and they are empty.
i have re installed game. Transferred it to my internal harddrive.
updated windows, updated graphics drivers, deleted all mods, cleared my logs, verified multiple times, installed cc+ visuals, installed new mediaware.
i cant seem to get any change.
the game will freeze as soon as i push play in singleplay/coop, it freezes on loadup on official and no official servers and joining my friends game it will stay in an infinite loop for joining game.

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