Stuck on death screen

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash
Region: [Europe

Stuck on death screen for ages after I die. If i log out I can’t log in

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Die
  2. Can’t respawn
  3. Quit game after 10 mins of waiting
  4. Can’t log in
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Hi @mihai08, is this happening in an official server? If so, which?

What was the cause and location of death, and are you still unable to login?

@Hugo 3212

This happens a few hours before the start of raid time and ends at the end of the raid
This happens to all players.

Thank you for clarifying, we’ll register the issue.

Are you always unable to log back into the server when the issue occurs?

For how long as the issue been happening?

@Hugo This problem is already from Friday and it occurs for all players on the server a few hours before the war. If the character dies, then the revival may take up to several hours (the same situation with entering the server), correct as soon as possible please. Perhaps the problem is because the server needs a restart

We’ve confirmed that the server is restarting daily as expected and have registered the issue for QA to investigate.

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I’m on a private server. The owner restarted it several times when this was happening and it still happened.

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