Stuck under the Dregs [Xbox/Online/The Dregs/2507]

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: The Dregs
Server: Official Server 2507

TL;DR: I am currently stuck under the Dregs dungeon on server 2507, having lagged through a crack between floor tiles, and can’t get out. I would like to be teleported back to my bedroll (preferably with my pet and all of my epic gear etc.).

Situation: At the last flooding room, just before the Abyssal Remnant area and just past the room with the four skeletons in it, I went around the blocking stones by swimming to the end where you go to shoot the target and raise the water level. Moving along the curved edge of the pipe there (where you can find a place to stand up to shoot the target) I lagged and fell through the pipe/floor underneath the dungeon (and yes, I am still there - hungry and thirsty, but alive, and with my pet, Snowball). In this area I can walk around below the dungeon all over, but have not found a place to climb up or re-enter it. There’s just the base plane where the level was constructed in Unreal and all of the walls around the dungeon sections. I can see creatures and even other players (clanmates trying to find me) through the water areas, but there’s no exit. Fortunately, it’s not full of water so I can breathe. But I can’t get out.

Also, as a side note, I’m very happy to hear about the rubberbanding hotfix going up today. That (and CTDs on login) have been painfully common lately. I’ve been a game developer for the past 22 years and I find CE to be very fun, with the notable exceptions of the lag that is often causing inexplicable deaths and loss of bodies, treasures, etc. and the over-punishing decay timer (which I understand is required to keep the server memory down but which also prevents me from taking a vacation!). Once you have these two server problems fixed, I’ll stop my monthly ragequits! :laughing:

Steps on how to reproduce issue (not sure if these will work, see #3):

  1. Enter The Dregs and swim through the target-unlocked areas.
  2. At the last one, just after the 4 skeleton room, swim to the end on the right side, center, and find a spot where you can stand/walk along the curved part of the pipe area (like you’re going to shoot the target to your right).
  3. Get lagged (this is the part that’s hard to repro :crazy_face: ).
  4. Fall through a crack between the floor tiles and get stuck in the nether below.
  5. Come to the forums and beg Crom for help. :aaaaaa:

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Severian, thank you for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any teleport assistance and refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

You’ll have to remove your bracelet in order for your character to die and be able to respawn somewhere else.

We’ll register this occurrence for the developers to look into and determine if it’s possible to prevent further clipping in that area, would you be able to provide a screenshot point out out exactly where you fell and the area where you are currently standing in?

Thanks for getting back to me, Hugo! I’m going to go ragequit (again). Now I understand why Funcom has such a horrible reputation for (lack of) customer service. It’s not about the wasted money. It’s about the waste of my time with a game that still isn’t ready for release due to fatal bugs and major crashes.

I can’t provide a screenshot without going back there. And I’m certainly not going to do that if your company can’t provide the most basic minimal in-game support service for players in case it happens again. That’s pretty ridiculous.

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