Stygian Command Tent issues - Battlepass Reward

Has anyone figured out how to place these? ive tried everything, tipping, lifting, twisting, and even made a 7x7 bed of foundations to place it on and still nothing. For something that says “easy to deploy and tear down from a backpack” this item seems to be bugged very badly.

I’m on Xbox and I have several placed even on slopes did you tick aligned to terrain and where you trying to place a pic could be helpful

Using align to terrain did the trick. How have i been playing since launch and not know that the R button did that? amazing. lol :smiley: thank you very much!

Note: Even with this however these things are super picky where they will go it seems. There are only 2 places near my base that will accept it. But still, at least the damn thing is placable at all. So many of the new items they add are broken, they really need a better QA team.

Funcom and QA don’t work in the same sentence. I’ve checked. Grammar tools always flag it as an incoherent sentence structure. :roll_eyes:

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