Sudden unexplainable death

Playing on an official PVP server, I was swimming in the Dregs at full health, trying to jump up onto a rock to shoot my bow when suddenly I got the message that I’d run out of stamina and instantly died. As soon as I had chosen where to respawn it said I’d “lost connection to the server”.

I repopulated the official server list successfully but my server couldn’t be found, so I reported it.

I’m solo among Chinese ‘Borg’ clans. Seems I lost Epic flawless armor, 2 legendary weapons, star metal tools… These were difficult and time-consuming to farm. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Yes. Unfortunatelly this game, whyle is awesome is also gltchy in the same ammount. I had died and lost inventory thousands of times due to blue screen, bugs and lags. Sometimes it’s so much laggy that you die and don’t even know you’re dead untill it atualize. One of my clanmates died suddenly right insade our base for no reason; if he wasn’t in the base would have lost 17.000 brimstone and all his tier 4 gear.

i got something similar on solo, with the Mitra building.
after i put it down, i wanted to move it a bit, and when i picked it up again, my character died lol.

since then, its been ok to pick up again but the 1st time, i got the (rather cool sounding) character died music.

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