Player keeps dying after server restart

So, this has just started happening about a week to 2 weeks ago. Its a official pvp server.

It seems now that whenever the server restarts its self. My character dies within minutes of the restart and I end up loosing all my stuff while I am logged offline. This has happened a couple times now. It doesn’t appear to be happening to any of my other clan mates. Just my guy.

I have been trying to make sure he is topped off on water and food. Also, that he has adequate clothing on for the temperature in the area. I have tried relocating him to multiple bases just to make sure I wasn’t glitching through the floor or something. Still the same thing.

I would appreciate any help I could get with it or any advice on something that I could be doing wrong. I am pretty paranoid about it now as I have never had this issue over the last year that I have been playing.


This is happening also on my private server to a few of my players - not everyone.

When I create a Backup of the server and restart, they log in dead.

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