Suggestion for 3 changes to the sorcery perks

Suggestion for 3 changes to the sorcery perks: gaining vigor upon landing a blow, activating a shield for 5 seconds of invulnerability when health drops below 25 percent, and increasing the duration or raising the level of demons in the “Demon Lord” perk, as they currently have a short lifespan and attack allies, rendering them impractical. Additionally, these changes will also allow the sorcerer more time to complete their spell when being attacked.
"Suggestion for 3 changes to the sorcery perks:

  1. Gain vigor upon landing a blow: When the sorcerer successfully hits an enemy, they should gain vigor. This will provide an additional boost to the sorcerer during battles.
  2. Activate an invulnerability shield: When the sorcerer’s health drops below 25 percent, an invulnerability shield should be activated for 5 seconds. This will provide temporary protection to the character, allowing them to recover, plan their next move more safely, and also give them enough time to complete their spell when being attacked.
  3. Increase the duration of the demons in the “Demon Lord” perk or raise their level to 20: Currently, the demons summoned by the sorcerer have a very short duration and end up attacking allies. To make this perk more viable, it is necessary to increase the time that the demons remain on the battlefield or raise their level to level 20, making them more powerful and useful during fights.

These changes will help improve the sorcery gameplay experience, making it more balanced and effective in combat, while also allowing the sorcerer enough time to complete their spells even when under attack."

What are the requirements for those perks to activate?

With a cooldown of how much? Otherwise they would be invincible. :smile:

What also concerns me is that you can just get the perk but use it as a fighter instead of being a sorcerer?
Do you have to be holding your arcane staff for it to work? Or can you just run in with daggers, get your invulnerability and kill people? I am scared already :rat:

He couldn’t possibly attack, @SpherisCore . 5 secs is enough time to finish a player if you’re invulnerable.
It would break pvp.

In this case, the recharge time would reset when HP becomes full, allowing its reuse. This is just a suggestion; I’d like to hear your opinion on what would make the sorcerer more interesting. I don’t see anyone using them apart from using magic to fly and drop bombs, and then clean up the mess. Would 3 seconds of protection be better? XD

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