[Suggestion] New Abilities

I had a few ideas for new abilities I mean should Funcom ever implement them.

Light: healing, dps, and support.
Dark: HP steal, dps, Crowd control (Maybe summoning like necromancy)
Filth: (I know we’re battling the Filth but imagine having that power): corruption of other weapons. HP steal, crowd control, possible summoning or take control of a target. I was also it could be a mix of Mortal Kombat (sliding and doing Scorpion’s Spear maybe get an achievement that says, “GET OVER HERE!”) and Splatoon (make your inky mess everywhere that would damge enemies.) And if you get Filth you don’t go to any of the three factions. You’re kinda your own faction with fellow filth users and using your powers or either good, evil, or be psychotic.

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I am at a loss for words. But welcome to the forums!

I hope that’s a good thing lol.

Well,just learn from wh fantasy lore of light,lore of death,and put necromancy part into existent blood magic,its done.
The filth stuff is against the lore ingame anyway,unless…some unique faction work as Ordo Malleus in 40k and use that demonic power to against demonic but I dont think it would be a ingame furture because this guys Will get eliminate the first time other ppl know what they did.Think about you use filth power in group,and get suddently teamkilled by your mates,jajaja.
Anyway,good idea,we need new stuffs and when new stuffs comes,before that,we need the total overhaul weapon balance.

I wish we could add necromancy into blood magic that would be cool. Well I was thinking Filth users could be in their own separate faction with other Filth Users. I was thinking of adding new abilities. SWL is just adding places to go much like Neverwinter.

Once upon a time, back in the days of TSW, we weren’t even supposed to get any Filth-related pets (aside from Nermegal). This was per the dev’s (Ragnar himself, IIRC).

Since then, the dev’s have been a little more liberal about allowing players to have Filth-related items, but, Filth-related abilities / powers (as well as a Filth-based playable faction) would almost certainly be out of the question, given the dev’s attitudes towards the Filth in the past.

I’d settle for the return to the old seven-actives, seven-passives, plus Auxiliary Weapons / Abilities, but, I realize that’s almost as unlikely as getting Filth-related abilities.

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Filth: (I know we’re battling the Filth but imagine having that power): corruption of other weapons. HP steal, crowd control, possible summoning or take control of a target.

We are Venom


That’s actually an acheivment you can already have in game by killing scorpions

These weapons you are describing are cool but mostly magic though.

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we dont have enough population,so we unlike Will get a separated faction with Filth users…because this Will make them almost imposible to do group content because…normal ppl do dungeons with filth infected ppl is imposible.The only posible way is to make some sub factions below the big 3,those sects use filth as a necesary evil to gainst filth…but once thse ppl get descovered by using filth power on the public eye,they are likely to get ganged up and destroyed,so thats why I say a ppl use filth spell and suddenly get team killed,jajaja

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I like that idea. And it makes it immersive

Holy/Light could possible be a new weapon, but my be too close to the Healing side of Blood like Dark is already.
Holy/Light magic should probably be a Cross on the hip (Like elemental)
and possible by wielded it for some Spells
But also do damage spells like Holy fire & Expertism, but mainly healing & cleancs
and the gamic being a charged while on spell cast that when fully charged will empower your next Holy/Light Elite/Special ability

and obviously will working as a light source, even in the Darkest of places

Unless you mean Dark as Necromancy.
If your going to use anything Filth. It should be indirectly, probably when being accompanied by John (manifested as a Filth-shade). on a Mission against the Morning Light.

I had some ideas for different version of Wings for Healling/Tank Allocation
But due to Nemain Signet i put that idea on the Shelf.

But Within TSW there are Several Abilities unused within Legends, some i assume people want to have back (i would like some of them back <.<)
You can take a look at older abilities in my Brother’s TSW Ability Wheel

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holy/light magic,for example lore of light from warhammer,is more dps/utility aimed than heal(which is lore of life and nurgle stuff in the fluffy).The light burn anything destroy undead banish them and other utilities.So it could be a very good dps choice if they just take idea from there.
I did not played tsw,but now after read ppls post I hope we had the abilities system of tsw.I dont care about complicate,but I care about diversity and balance.

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The tricky thing is finding stuff with real world roots to help link it in to the swl ip.

Creating a holy weapon type would be tricky to do right for many reasons. In terms of gear, it’d create potential problems in many ways. RP-wise a person of faith would be unlikely to abandon their personal icon (like a crucifix or mala) because they found a new, more powerful one, which makes dropped items tricky. It’s also a potential point of conflict if a particular drop was the most powerful, as it could imply that one religion is somehow better than the others.

Something like necromancy or demon summoning would have much better potential, as there are plenty of stories of such things already, so there’s a nice bit of heritage to plunder :slight_smile:

Drakkashi’s skill wheel was/is awesome :smiley: That was my go to for playing with builds :smile:

Filth wouldn’t really work as a new faction. Even as a hidden subset, none of the existing quests would work - it’d basically need to be a different game running alongside SWL. I think it’d be great fun, but with the current population it’d be very lacking. The numbers (of players) wouldn’t balance right, and you’d pretty much have to introduce open world pvp, which would attract some but turn others off.


light magic no need to be sacred,I dont think it should to be link with real world stuff to be honest…just…well,lets consider again wind of light.Its a source,and it apears holy just because it do harm undeads for example…Its just a tyoe of energy.So with this could avoid all problema with RP and potential conflicto.

Instead of crucifix rosary etc. the weapon of light magic could just be “Focus of light magic” o in the case of exordinario weapon,for example,“scorching light of wtever who----any wizzard name here”.

And we can also make anything real-world stuff related just being cosmetic.The same light magic focus,same stats,but with weapon skins that unlock by aurum/mof,rp players can take some religious stuff cosmetic for their weapon and play rp.

About necromancy and demonology,well,I got some idea about them
Necromancy could be something…chance related insta kill,just like finger of death from D&D o Hand of dust from Wh fantasy&AoS.It could be a new sub skill tree under blood magic though.And maybe some utility,for example summoning a Wall of zombie meat to make enemies cant pass.
Demonology could be something between long range psychic power dps&pet summoning,but with some random chance that summon a uncontroble demon and kill your team,D

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All of these things you’re saying is great. I wonder if Devs ever look into the forums.

The whole IP of the game is based on being linked with the real world. If you abandon that then you’re just making yet another homogenised fantasy game.

Wanting to create a new school of magic based on other IPs isn’t a good plan. It wouldn’t fit into the current game setting - which is one of SWL’s biggest strengths.

:man_facepalming: Because that doesn’t sound OP at all.

This would work in a table top RP game, but not in an MMO. If there’s a chance that one of your group members is going to just randomly kill everyone during a boss fight, you can call it the Pariah class because no-one is going to group with them.

They do read them. Given that people have been suggesting new weapons for 7 years, there’s already a lot of ideas to inspire them - though there’s not been any suggestion they are considering adding new weapons anyway.

yes, we need developers to focus their time into making a new healing weapon as we really need another healing weapon in SWL :rofl:
No pun intended, it just made me laugh :wink:

But we already have 4 healing weapons:
-Cruel Delight


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you forgot hammer :stuck_out_tongue:


well,you have reason,but about the chance related insta kill,no its not OP,just look it how necromancy Works in DDO…important boss are just inmune to insta kill effect,but even that,insta kill would be useful because there could always have lots of adds spawning in most mechanical boss fight
And being linked to real world not means it should take whole stuffs from the real world,the same thing you ppl had told me when I was talking about they messed up historical event.There is no such a orochi group thing in real world for example.So given the same reason,I think,when we try to make some new “holy/light weapon”, we could just do the similar stuff.Like I said,focus/conduit of light magic,no need to involved with religiones,and I dont think light magic here should be really related with any divine intervetion since ingame the magic Works mostly like control of energy.Just diferent type of energy.
By not disconect totaly to real world,weapon skin saling which based on religious relic stuff could be good,it avoid the provocate conflicto at the same time,well,most RP players wont mind pay some aurum to get their iconic stuff right?