Suggestion: PlayStation Graphic Selection

I really like the graphics on the PlayStation update 2.4 however, many (including myself) are reporting graphical and performance issues.

One thing missing from the options are graphic adjustments and I would suggest four modes to choose from, depending on hardware capabilities.

Mode PS4 PS4 Pro PS5
Basic mode Yes Yes Yes
PS4 mode Yes Yes Yes
PRO mode No Yes Yes
PS5 mode No No Yes

With the “basic” option available to all hardware useful for combat and mount travel.

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I know that from the patch notes, the Xbox had Quality and Performance updates. A selectable option on PlayStation would be great!

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On the console itself, you can change some graphic settings, in the menu [sound and screen], but I can’t say if they really make a difference in performance. I think it’s a good idea but we hardly see options like this in other games on the console.

My console is a basic ps4, a true warrior, i know its limitations but i would like to have the best visual experiences possible, i would not wish i had to sacrifice performance for graphics or vice versa.

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I never seen a performance change with the console settings. Even when the resolution is set to 1080p some games run at 720p anyway.

Honestly the game items looks better up close with the new update, but, the performance has suffered.

Other games do have limited video setting options as well, so, it might be a Sony restriction and that is something to consider.

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forcing 720, is something you do via console setting. You would do this for few of end gen of ps3 games, that had ps4 releases. It helps a abit to run better.

I’ve never really notice much change on ps4.


Interesting, I didn’t know people were doing that back then.

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