Performance in PS

I think what I’m going to quote here you are already tied of hearing, but… Since updates for PlayStation always take longer, you could take advantage of the window and optimize the performance of the game on PS. The already known performance and rendering issues still persist and since we have to wait longer than other plataforms anyway… that wait would be less frustrating. I wouldn’t even mind a longer delay

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You think playstation do not get 3.0 on 1 September?

Probably …yes. As with all others updates.

they have been really good over the last year or so maintaining the schedule with the others. Now the PS version of the game…performance wise, are we talking about the game version or the console used to play it? I will say that ps5 is a different experience with this game, load times, renderings…it’s really like putting on glasses that you have fought against for a while as far as quality.

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I’m referring specifically tô the PS4 Pro. We know that the console hás enough processing power to run the game satisfactorily. However, the game needs treatment for that


My wife and I have been playing the game on 1tb ps4s hers was purchased for the game mine about a year older. Her major issue is blue screening multiple times on some days but nothing unplayable until some thing goes wrong and ssshhhiit its Conan-Exiles. We have learned to live with it although that doesn’t mean we should.


Funcom downgraded the PS4 Pro after they introduced horses. I wrote about it, and Funcom merged it into the megathread. When I bought Conan Exiles, I was impressed by the detail and how fast the scene rendered. That is why I say downgraded.

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I played at realease on a ps4 on a full official server with really 40 people online. Now i have ps5 and there are 13 people at best online. For me the Performance is awsome. But the range how far you can look the landscape is scary bad. Like swimming in the water with a white wall in front of you. And weather is not working, on ps4 i had no problem. I whish they would take some time to better that.


I may have some insight for you.

Unfortunately the PS4 Pro has a HDD with a lesser speed than the standard PS4 Models.

This can cause several issues with loading the most notable two are; character enters areas and appears before the load screen finishes, and bases or enemies often appear invisible.

This is unfortunately a hardware limitation and very unlikely to be fixed by Funcom as it effects such a small portion of players, thankfully this can be fixed by installing the game on near any external HDD but for true night and day results I recommend an SSD.

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Buying a 2016 update of a 2013 console in 2022:

Running a newly compiled and updated triple-A game on that console and expecting good performance:


In all fairness, consoles have an expectation that games will work with their consoles. They don’t think I’m terms of PC gamers in that games can outstrip the system you play on. Game came out on the system, then it should work. After playing on both the 4 and 5, work is a subjective word.


It meets all of those expectations. FC made only one mistake. They allowed console users to think for themselves. So instead of what most companies do, FC did not relabel LOW as Ultra and Medium as Cinematic and restrict the resolution to 720 on the PS4Pro and 1080P on the PS5 and now they’re receiving complaints from nincompoops.

But go on Twitch and watch a streamer who knows WTF is going on and has common sense and performance is smooth as butter!

I understand ps4 doesn’t have the power of pc but we are playing on 1tb units and the game is fine perhaps people with other machines need make adjustments. Not condemning any one’s machines. We have had multiples of all the playstations between dogs breaking them wearing out and our ignorance :roll_eyes:


I use to load so smooth on ps5 before the event system was implemented. Now it is laggy and defeinitely not my internet.

Yup, I can go on twitch and see very smooth gameplay on every console CE is available for. Why someone with identical hardware would have a different experience? Only user settings or maybe the physical environment of the device can explain it. It’s no good trying to run CE at the highest settings on the lowliest hardware while it’s stuffed into a video cabinet with zero airflow in 100 degree weather. :smiley:

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Our units about 18 inches from the floor and A/C stays cold in the house that may help . Glitches in main base better in the past few days. My wife actually moved up to the mounds to reduce lag she was having.

Tele if this is true, then surely someone could let us know exactly which settings config is needed on a PS4 to achieve “smooth as butter” gameplay. Not necessarily you, but if you know feel free to share. I do not work in a tech field, I have average Gen X understanding of graphics performance.

I wish I had a PS5. But you know, they’re hard to get. For years now. My PS4 runs Conan OK but mounts can’t gallop reliably due to stuttering(?) while the landscape renders, and I sometimes get rubber banding. But I can’t say I’m not worried by the possibility of 3.0 making things worse.


I guess you should go on twitch and search for streams using the same hardware playing CE and showing smooth performance - and then just ask them in chat.

I dunno anything about consoles myself, but in the very recent past and especially since 2.8 released I’ve done this myself. I didn’t ask the streamer’s settings but when people here in the forums made claims that the game was unplayable because of performance issues (I think twice on xbox, once on PS5, and once on PS4) I went to twitch and tracked down a streamer using that hardware and watched carefully for about an hour. I asked in their chat what model hardware they were using just to be certain and then I came back here, linked their twitch and made some guesses about why the forum user wasn’t getting the same performance.

So that’s the extent of my console knowledge. I buy/bought consoles for my kids and grandkids but never used them for more than about 20 or 30 minutes myself. They’re way too restrictive, underpowered, and limited in scope for what I use computers for.

I’m sure it’s the same thing as on PC though. Pick a resolution you wanna play on and just keep lowering the settings until you’re at 60FPS the vast majority of the time. If the settings don’t go that low then choose a lower resolution and start the process again. Test in single player mode so nothing else is messing with it. Then if or when you go back to OnLine check to see if you’re getting the same performance (it should be nearly identical). If it’s not then you need to start wondering about the environmental and networking variables: Where is the server you’re connecting to? Is you’re ISP crap for gaming? Some are better than others! Is your hub, switch and/or router any good? Are you using the proper cables? If it’s an optical cable when is the last time the ends were clipped and the connection calibrated? They need it about once a year if there’s a smoker in the house etc. etc. You might even be in a location that just doesn’t and can’t get good service for CE in specific. And so on…

For the environmentals it’s what, cleaning out the cooler and vents regularly, once every 18 to 24 months change the thermal paste, and make sure it has a nice supply of open cool air to cool itself with.


Well my environmental stuff is all good, I know that. I mean sometimes it’s the internet/ISP but I can generally tell when it’s that because it’ll be an intermittent thing and other devices are affected.

What I’d like is a screenshot of the graphics settings page, from someone who can run CE cleanly on a PS4. So I can just set mine the same and see what happens. To be totally honest with you here, I’m not going to join Twitch, watch streams and then contact someone to find this out. The main reason I visit forums (besides the conversation) is to get information without having to research it myself! AFAIC that’s the best thing about the internet. Work smart not hard :wink:

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If you’re having that much trouble you can go the opposite way. Start at 720p with everything on low and see how that plays. Then one setting at a time increase it until the gfx are acceptable and it’s playing smoothly.

For example I’m on a 4k 120hz HDR 10+ 55" monitor/TV (Sitting 1m away on my desk LOL) but I play in a 1440p window which is identical to having 27.5" 1440p virtual monitor on the screen - in my case mostly because of size and my human field of view - but assuming all those settings are available to PS players, there are a lot of ways to set it up.