Suggestion: Twitch Drop - Clothing for Bench Worker NPC

With the announcement of the Twitch drops that might be incoming, I am suggesting that one of the drops could be clothing for the worker thralls.

Some are losing the shirts off their backs (and character) at times.

I quite like the idea. Being able to customize some of the craftsmen would be welcome.

Only, I don’t know how it could be done, because craftsmen don’t have inventories or equipment slots. Apparently the crafter thrall item (the item you place into the crafting workstation slots) does save appearance data, because you can pick up the thrall and place it elsewhere and it retains its appearance, even after being modified by something akin to the CharEditLite mod. Perhaps @Testerle can explain how that works.

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I don’t know how it works but…Maybe a token, or something else (that looks like a shirt perhaps), can be added to one of the slots on the bench causing the character to change clothing.

When I added Diana Steelshaper to the armorer bench, she lost her clothes , and is now using the male character, after the server restart. So, I hope changing the clothing is possibility in the future.

My suggestion for this is to be able to pick up thralls + place down crafter thralls as fighters (really bad ones). So you take your crafter, place it down as a fighter, dress him up however you like. Then pick it up (the clothes/armor gets placed in your inventory) and it retains the clothing info so you can place it in any bench. If you place it again as a fighter the clothing info is lost.

Being able to pick up thralls changes the gameplay (too much for some) so one possible workaround for this is that you can only pickup crafter thralls if they were placed as a fighter/archer.

Sounds like a lot of work if the only purpose of being placeable would be clothing them. It would probably be a lot easier to make separate “clothing slots” for the workstation, so that whichever thrall is sitting in the bench uses those clothes.

This would naturally mean that you’d need a separate set of clothes for each thrall, but it would remove the need to edit the thrall item’s data at any point.


Not the only purpose. It’s also a great way to mobilize your crafters for defense and so that they can’t be stolen :wink:

I personally would love to have an option to change the clothing on my craftsmen thralls.


@Ascophyllum I know that with limit that’s incoming only for “place-able” thralls, I wouldn’t want to randomly lose a leveled-up fighter just to clothe the one on the bench. But, it’s another possibility.

@Kapoteeni I like the idea of the clothing slot on the bench.
Even if it’s just one slot it would work, craft the wanted clothing and combine them to a single item that goes into that slot.

The repair kit icon is a good visual example of “multiple items” that are part of a single item.


many things are possible, but i’m afraid none of them is really practicable.

technically relatively simple, since it is only about ids that are stored in the character layout of the thrall item, but the system that is necessary to change this id is then less simple.

  • clothing “token” for profession thralls: an item that can hold any id (something like a token), which is then placed in the crafting station with the thrall to be changed and transfers this id via “use item” and deletes the token. a lot of effort to transfer a simple id and unfortunately not currently available in this or a similar form in the base game. additionally an implementation is needed to create this token. this is probably not a small effort either. implementation probability (my opinion): low

  • adjustments to the crafting station to include a “style”-slot: these are massive changes to all crafting stations and therefore even more unlikely than the first suggestion. especially critical is the fact that we have to change the actually uninvolved crafting stations to manipulate the thrall item. also here the effort to create such a “style” token for the slot has to be added. probability of realization (my opinion): low to zero

  • profession thralls as placeable thralls + pickup: makes zero sense as a solution for this problem, purely in terms of effort. the difference between a simple thrall item and a thrall that can be placed is massive and so is the implementation effort. implementation probability (my opinion): zero

currently there are some mods that allow you to change the look of profession thralls, but i don’t find any of the solutions implemented there really good and catchy, even if some of them are implemented by me. there is a basic system missing in the base game, and you can see that in the mod solutions. in my opinion, this won’t change in the base game in the near future. the effort is likely to be relatively high and therefore this topic is more likely to move into the area of low priority.

what i would like to see:
a system similar to the weapon enhancement kits. you take an armor item and drag & drop it onto the thrall item. the item is consumed and the thrall wears the armor item. but for that, a completely separate system would have to be created. effort: also high. probability of realization (my opinion): low

and since we’re probably talking about a relatively short window of time (twitch drops for the siptah release at the end of the month), i don’t think any of the ideas are feasible, at least not for the upcoming event


It’s just a suggestion post, not holding my breath.

Good to know, I’m not aware of what is involved to make changes.

Interesting I wasn’t thinking about deleting the token, more like it ill be just the thrall, you can take it out and put on another bench.

I was thinking it would more like another craftable item.

When placing a T4 thrall on the armored stations additional slots with new craftable items are available, that’s what I was thinking of at the time. Maybe any of existing slots can be used.

100% agree here. Feel free to totally ignore this since Ascophyllum has a thread with this suggestion and is spamming this idea all over the place.

Fair enough, I can’t comment on the mod situation but, low priority is fine by me.

This is good also, i would take nything that might work to have the feature. Lol.

It’s a suggestion for future drops, ofcourse after implementation of the system. My guess is that drops will be Siptah specific to drive more interest to the release anyway.

Thanks for the details response @Testerle

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