[Suggestions] How to help optimize Conan Exiles

I love this game. I REALLY want to play this game, but the constant blue screens / screen freezing and lag is making PS4 official servers frustrating to play on. So please, dear devs, do not take this thread as a negative. My only wish is to give suggestions on what might help!

Here is my suggestion (other players feel free to add your own)

Issue: Container contents preview / loading
I know we all like a quick glance into our loot boxes, but I have found that these “preview” windows that pop up when you look at one of your lock boxes causes a TON of lag (especially if the box is full of armor or weapons). Lag happens when you “look” at a container wether you own it or not! As a matter of fact, we pvp raiders tend to judge a container worth blowing up purely on the amount of lag it put out. Lots of lag when you look at it? Must be full of loot!! Get the bombs!!

How to fix: Make containers into “zones.”
I’m okay with having to actually “open” a container before it loads up any loot. I’m not a developer, but it seems like this would help very much in reducing strain on the servers.

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I get this on XB1 in offline SP too. The game will sometimes freeze for a few seconds while the container inventory loads. It happens with doors too for some reason.

It would be nice if this could be fixed, but it’s probably a long shot. I’m guessing it’s all because of the way data is cached. Console hardware isn’t capable of remembering every little thing in the game, so we get lag spikes as new things load in and replace older cached data.

Developers keep pushing the limits and overestimating the capabilities of current generation consoles. As long as this continues, we’ll keep getting games with performance issues. Probably better to learn to live with it, or pray that devs stop overbuilding their games.

Thing being tho, this statement only really applies to consoles. (With the occassional potato)

Anyway to be constructive for all platforms. It would be a decent idea to have a toggle for it. Personally, I have no issues with it causing any lag or issues. BUT that’s me on my hardware (PC), so a toggle would allow those with issues regardless of platform to disable it.

It does depend though on how the window works coding wise. But simplest implementation I can think off is a Bool encompassing the function itself. If( Toggle == True) {Insert code for quick loot window} else() {Nothing?}

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I agree with you there. That might do some good. I still wonder why doors cause lag though. There’s no loot window on doors, they just display my user ID which doesn’t seem like something that would be a problem.

I noticed something the other day that affects containers. If PVP is turned off in server settings, quick loot gets disabled. You have to open a container to take anything from it. The pop up window is still there but you can’t navigate in it and I still experienced the random short freeze when going through my chests. I wonder if lowering the texture resolution on the item images would help any.

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Or just make it a client side option as to whether you want to enable container previews or not. I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast, vast majority of players would just turn it off.

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Hey Scout,

We’re aware of this issue and are working on a solution to tone down the lag :slight_smile:

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