[Suggestions] Quailty of Life Update for Isle of Siptah DLC

It’s been a while since the Isle of Siptah DLC was released. Overall, I’m happy with the changes you added to the world space. Both the Isle of Dawn and Dusk are excellent additions. The inclusion of NPC camps made this map feel more like the Exiled Lands. However, a few problems still bug me about the final product. First, your placement of the three new biomes feels off. Why is there a series of land bridges connecting both islands with the main one? Also, how come the Grey Ones and First Men are living so close to the elder races? Wouldn’t they be at war with each other? Second, many of the new creatures have names which included poorly-written grammar (such as a hyphen missing in MiGo) or typos (Siptah Rhinoceros being spelled as Siptah Rhinocerous). Finally, you removed the “Wild Surges” mechanic in update 2.3. I can understand why you had this mechanic disabled. Still, couldn’t your development team simply just rework the “Wild Surge” system by adding features which give it more of a balance during gameplay? I pretty sure some players actually enjoyed such a concept. Now, with each problem addressed, here’s my proposal for a “Quality of Life” update to the Isle of Siptah.

This update should include:

  • The Isle of Dusk, Isle of Dawn, and Floodlands biomes being moved a few feet away from the main island itself (along with removal of the aforementioned land bridges).

  • Updated names for many of the new creatures appearing in this DLC:

1.) Aardwolf
2.) Decaying Demon Bat
3.) Degenerate Demon Bat
4.) Degenerate Demon Spider
5.) Demon Spider Hatching
6.) Lynx (or Island Lynx; both names will be interchangeable)
7.) Mi-Go
8.) Mi-Go Experiment
9.) Malevolent Demon Spider
10.) Siptah Rhinoceros
11.) ThummHa Warrior
12.) TchoTcho Scout
13.) TchoTcho Chieftain

  • Return of the “Wild Surge” mechanic with improved functionality, unique features, and a disable option in the menu.

I hope you consider some of my ideas posted on this topic.

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