Removing certain spawns for "Exile Lands" creatures from the Isle of Siptah

Funcom, please remove spawns for certain “Exile Lands” creatures on the Island of Siptah. Many of these creatures ruin the Island’s setting and appear out of place.

Here’s my list of unnecessary creature spawns:
Grey Rhino
Sand Reaper

There should be no exotic creatures on the Isle of Siptah. The environment is clearly meant to be viewed as temperate. Creatures such as the Crocodile and Sabertooth can stay, since their inclusion adds variety to the DLC’s experience.

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Just look at it as those creatures having been brought there by previous travelers and inhabitants, either purposely or accidentally.


Do bear in mind that we have the three new biomes, the Ashlands, Floodlands and Savanna, coming to Siptah in the near future. They will likely be more at home then.

But as far as the existing list goes, I would say that a Cobra isnt out of place on the Isle of Siptah.

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Either that or Funcom hasn’t worked out which creature should spawn on this map yet.

Well, like I said, even if they aren’t native they could have been brought over by travelers. It’s not unheard of. Just this last summer there was news of the Asian Murder Hornet making its way into Canada and the U.S. (Yeah, they’re called murder hornets and they’re the size of a golf ball.) Florida is plagued with a number of animals that aren’t native to the area as a result of tourism and trade and whatnot. And I don’t mean insects. I mean pythons and nile monitors and deer and monkeys.

We know there were at least two major colonization efforts on Siptah. One by the Acheronians and another by Stigians. And of course we know that shipwrecks are not uncommon to the area.

True, but the Isle of Siptah already has it own version of a rhinoceros. It would make more sense for the island’s native creatures to inhabit these upcoming biomes. Also, creatures such as the Rocknose, Cobra, and Scorpion inhabit the desert region in Conan Exiles. There is no desert on the Island of Siptah.

Your theory seems possible, but I doubt it.

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