Sulfur spawn block

On the server 31 31 people blocked the spawn of sulfur, how to play now ?

Is every single sulfur spawn blocked or only the brimstone lake?

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Report, move to a different server where there are fewer asshats.

Thats a pvp server, so like they said or you can still fight them if you want/can

Hi gnomfg and welcome to the community! While unfortunately this is a common occurence in PvP mode, in order to dominate resources and ultimately the server, options do remain. Even though Shattered Springs boasts the largest supply of Brimstone on the map, you can still harvest respectable quantities from inside Sinners Refuge and Gallamans Tomb. If you are unsure where they are just let us know and we will tell you ok. Use the highest tier tools you can, preferably Black Blood with enhancements to miximise your haul from said locations. Finally, if they are blocked too, as a last resort you can harvest smaller quantities underwater along the coastline east of the Jungle biome. Good luck gnomfg.

Link above is an interactive resource map for Conan exiles, you can filter for any resource in the game and see where it is scattered across the map.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Hey there. I would suggest scouting out caves. One in particular is Sinners refuge with tons of brimstone spawn as well as one nearby called Hanumans (forget the last bit) with a bunch of crocs in it you could go to to farm it!

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