Brimstone missing?



On this [Official]Asian server a player has around 20 - 30 vaults (out of his total of around 300) built in the salt lake. Has this caused the brimstone not to spawn?

Sinner’s Refuge never has any NPCs or brimstone inside either, even after several hours of being alone online. There’s one NPC or could be someone’s thrall at the entrance only.


Yep block the spawn…


And this is one of a thousand reasons, I don’t play on multiplayer.


I wouldn’t really say multiplayer, rather official servers. Almost all private servers admins’ wouldn’t allow this kind of things to happen. I suggest the other cave, Gallaman’s tomb for brimstone, or in the worst case, go east to the jungle where you can find brimstone underwater. I can’t recall exactly the place but I think it’s found near underwater hotsprings at the very end of the map to the East.


Thanks, I’ve been getting it from underwater, it’s a long trek and takes ages though. After about 30-50 hours of solo building, leveling, exploring, I’ve only been able to farm up around 30 explosives. These guys have thousands as well as hundreds of vaults full of gear, big T3 bases everywhere blocking off resources obelisks, even places of interest and around 15 Avatars ready to go. It’s definitely not a game for solo players in Asia… You’d think that this would be the case in private servers, not official ones.


Yes, brimstone is scarce there, there is more quantity in Gallaman’s Tomb close to the river, where the crocodiles are and the bit croc boss too. You can mine it direct from rock. I just hope it isn’t blocked as well… else those are the places to go for brimstone.


Thanks, appreciate it!


There are a cave not far west of Gallaman’s tomb where you’ll find even more brimstone. I can’t remember its name right now but you can’t miss it; just go west of Gallaman’s tomb and you’ll find it nearby. There is some npc’s in there to kill but they’re easy for level 20 guys. There is another good spot for brimstone: just behind Tarman’s retreat. You’ll find a big cave there full off spiders and some skeletons so get ready for a fight (those skeletons can be a challenge if you’re under 20) Good luck there bro.


Also up near the pirate ship are a few random brimstone spawns on land. To the right of it on the cliffs past the smaller camps.


Yep, doing a quick lap of those (when checking on/refreshing decay for my Galleon slave camp) gets me 1-200 brimstone, depending on tool quality and the luck of the draw. Between that and random drops from mobs has been enough for my usage so far - but then we haven’t had anyone block those spawns (yet, anyway).


Finally there are those various rocknose kings. Lots in the volcano. One near fingerfang rock. One just south of the black galleon. They drop a bit of sulphur and also demon blood. I think the pick is the best tool for them.


Indeed, forgot about rocknoses, not yield a lot but worth it if needed. Aside of volcano, there are plenty on the southern side of the Tower of the Bats.and there is plenty of iron there too worth the trip. Also on the mountains over the southern side of the river leading that heads east from the Hand of the Maker. There is a path that goes up the desert where there are rocknoses too.


Thanks everyone, great info here. I got about 60-80 from the Rocknose king at FF rock using a Hardened steel Pickaxe, yes the pickaxe seems to yield the most. I went in the dead of night and there were 2 RN Kings together there. Is that normal? A couple of doors down there is a medium sized RN king but oddly, he yields less Brimstone than the smaller ones.


I’ve never used the pickaxe. Will have to give it a go.

The amount harvested is quite variable, so I wouldn’t read too much into the difference in yield between the ones of different size.

About the “regular” rocknoses south of bat tower: they’re not worth harvesting for sulphur. They only drop occasionally.


You guys wanna collect?
Pickaxe collects stone, but also meat from animals, ichor and exhotic meat from scorpions, brimstone from rocknoses, crystal, insects, vine from small trees and wood shells, wood shells from dryed trees, bones and teeths from crocodile, spider silk, and alot of other stuff.
To take the mob’s head you’ll need an axe that collects also skin if you don’t have the skinning knife yet, wich can be used to collect only resine from some trees.


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