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Game mode: [Online official 3502
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America

***True name acquired but cannot summon due to being disabled in admin. Clan mates cannot complete journey steps due to this issue. 48 hours with no way of stopping timer.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

can you do it in offline mode?
If you’re only trying to achieve the adventure step and nothing else, then acquire true name of whatever you want via Admin Panel

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Aren’t gods disabled on official servers?
I don’t remember them being turned back on.

there was an exploit, and funcom shut down avatars
I don’t think they’ve been turned back on yet.

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If you go offline mode you are not on an on official server (you are on your own consolle) and you can set the game as you want via admin panel. If you only need to achieve the adventure step you can go offline, play singleplayer, activate admin panel, give yourself a true voic, summon a god even in the middle of newbie river.

I’m not an online player so I’m not entirely sure that the “adventure step” will work both on online and offline.

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Yeah gods are disabled currently, no clue when or if they will be back, but you can get the achievement on solo or co op mode , turn on admin, spawn in coins and go ahead and play around with gods

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We are all platinum trophy holders. We have our own server also. But we got so tired of admin use we wanted to get back to basics and do it right. Unfortunately the avatars aren’t working. If they are going to disable them, they should remove true name. So materials and time aren’t wasted by unknowing folks. Especially considering the loss of the archpriest for nothing. Remove true name option if disabled. Easy fix.

Maybe you’re right but, honestly every new patch adds new bugs instead fixing some of the old ones…
CE is that, we have to deal with it.

Hey @n2wichita75

Avatar summoning is currently disabled on official server while our team works on fixing a few critical issues players were abusing for this feature, while also working on a few improvements for this feature.
We have no ETA to share at the moment on when we’ll re-enable it on official servers at the moment, but once we do, we’ll announce it in advance.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


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