Sunday Raid Time Stays at 00:00

When setting the “time restrict building damage” on each day, Sunday is showing as starting at 00:00 and no matter what time it is changed to, it does not save it. When checking the serversettings.ini for Sunday, only the following shows:

Line 179: PVPTimeSundayStart=0
Line 186: PVPTimeSundayEnd=0
Line 193: PVPEnabledSunday=True
Line 209: PVPBuildingDamageTimeSundayEnd=2100
Line 216: PVPBuildingDamageEnabledSunday=True

There is no “PVPBuildingDamageTimeSundayStart” option. Adding this in manually does not fix the issue.

Hey @shadorunner

We’re aware of a visual UI issue that shows Sunday settings differently than other day settings. However, it seems in your case the issue might be actually functional. We’ll send note to our team to see if they can reproduce it on their end.
Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you!

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