Sunken City Dungeon Trapped

Game mode: Online Official 3890
Problem: Misc
Region: USA

Went through the sunken city with a lot of players last night. After defeating the final boss most of the players went out to the desert. Myself and one other player wanted to go to the jungle but where met with a closed portal. I’m not sure if they close after a certain amount of time or after a certain number of players leave. There were 5 players and 4 thralls (I know total overkill) 3 players with 3 thralls left to the jungle leaving myself and another player and a thrall behind.

We were able to leave after defeating the final bosses again after they re-spawned. Here are some screen shots of the portals or lack thereof taken immediately after realizing we were stuck.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to sunken city
  2. Watch friends leave
  3. Kill more Bosses
  4. Escape!
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I still think the portals should be open at least 5 minutes, since the boss re-spawns in 15.

That gives time to look around and have newbies get the recipes, etc.

And, small correction, one player went to the desert…with a captive.


Hello @Wak4863, thank you for pointing this out!

We’ll share both yours and @speedice’s feedback with the developers for further consideration regarding this mechanic.


If you log out, you will log back in on the beach next to the rowboat (the “dungeon” entrance).

While this may not be the ideal fix, it does mean that you cannot be trapped there.


Good info thanks.


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