Support beams it's very difficult to use if I'm lucky, but it's not right now

If you want to build on these elements, I always have to raise 1 floor and then break it down again.
But this element can only be put in this way. Why? Why can not it work like a column, normally?
it is impossible to put this element properly!

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it looks like there are 2 supportbeams too close to eachother… btw. sometimes it helps when you switch to another placable and let it lock on in the desired position and to then switch back, usually this will cause the desired block to snap on like its supposed to.

maybe try switching and then switching back it works for foundations and other block, why not for wedges

Congratulations, you can not solve the problem, so you rename it so you can not deal with it? It is interesting that moder people can do these little helpers first, you do not know! Pathetic!

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