Stability is driving me nuts

I‘m not sure if this is just a bug or it‘s just me that i‘m too dumb but maybe someone can help me out.
I got a round basement and all foundations have 100 on stability. Wanted to build something like a globe, but these wedge roof pieces do not always catch the foundation stability. So sometimes they snap in, sometimes not.

Then i tryed on walls instead of foundations at the same position, and there it seems to work for some reason.

Pls check the video and Screenshots below.

I tryed some other ways and it seems to be luck if it works or not. Just frustrating.

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Especially when building out from wedges (or anything built on them), certain pieces have difficulty deciding what angle to snap at.

Often times, this one will build out several square ceiling pieces and walls from there, basically creating an external scaffolding to use when placing the difficult piece. Even if it won’t snap correctly for build purposes, it usually will retain stability if it is in place and then other supports are removed.

It is a bit obnoxious at times.
But the basic rule is to remember that the build system seems to prioritize right angle building whenever possible, and hates the 60⁰ angles on the wedges.


Yup… And it got worse when they “fixed” fence and ceiling stacking. It’s very frustrating and very limiting!


First I want to say something positive that slowly it is getting better, so they are working on it. Right now if it doesn´t work like in the mentioned cases you can use scaffolding using tier 1 walls, pillars and horizontal pieces to give the roof pieces “guidance”.

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