SWL Using a Controller on PC

Rather than use the default controller config, I’m trying to get a config that completely eliminates the keyboard and mouse.

I’m using AntiMicro to assign bindings to the controller.

The basic theory I went with is: -

  • using L2 and R2 as modifiers for all the other inputs (Ctrl on L2, Shift on R2 - using Alt on either results in some unwelcome interactions with Windows’ own key shortcuts.). This obviously requires a lot of in-game remapping, since those keys have their own context-sensitive mappings. Ctrl and Shift only have an effect in combat or movement, and that is exactly where I want to use them to modify other inputs. So at the very least we have to remap where those are used out of combat / movement.

  • L1 as Left Mouse Button and R1 as Right Mouse Button (not really for combat - though it is an alternative - just to eliminate the mouse and put them in a convenient location).

  • Confining Movement-related actions to the Left and Right Joysticks (Jump, Run, Sprint etc.)

  • Confining frequently-used actions to the four buttons (ABXY or O/\X), with modifiers from L2 and R2, and L2+R2. Actions 1-6, Anima, Gadget, etc. should all be here.

  • Confining Journal, Map, Ability panes… anything you only access for housekeeping to the D-Pad.

  • Confining Targetting options to the Left Joystick. L2+ Left Joystick Left for Target Self, etc. Four directions plus two Modifiers neatly give us 12 targetting options, since Simple Ground Targetting can be put on the buttions along with Target Self, if needed.

This has been breaking my head - endless spreadsheets, constantly reworking the bindings. For some reason it just won’t come together. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to sanely group the 81 possibles?

Yes, I can drop the Framerate etc. bindings - I never use them - but the idea is to make a consistent, intuitive interface via a controller for everyhting that people WANT, not just what I NEED ;).

Also, Somehow assigning Mouse Wheel Scrolling to SOMETHING would be good… but as I noted earlier, SWL does not like custom mouse bindings, so that would have to be purely in AntiMicro.

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