Escape Key Not Functioning

So it’s been like this for a while, and I’ve found some ways to work around not having the ‘esc’ key work, but now that I’ve played through all the missions (and seen all/most of the cutscenes), it would really be great to be able to skip through some things.

My ‘esc’ key works with all my other programs/games, it’s only for SWL that it does nothing. I’ve looked around and none of the usual tricks fixed the issue (like shift+esc).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure exactly what causes it but mashing esc usually makes it work eventually.

Not sure it would be in the controls settings, but have you checked if it is? And if so, if it somehow got unbound?

You nailed it! For whatever reason it seems like my ‘~’ was replacing ‘esc’ for Abort Action.

Thank you so much!

You are welcome =)

I’ve been getting that for the past few months too. I have to repeatedly punch it to get it to work. Punching it with my fist.

Oh weird. I thought you were having the same problems I’ve been having.

Sounds like a faulty esc key in your case? or is it only a problem in SWL?

It’s 100% SWL. Doesn’t even happen in TSW.

It’s 100% a ui issue in SWL. I want to say it happened in TSW too but I don’t remember the before times anymore :v:

I currently play TSW and SWL and it hasn’t been happening in TSW. I don’t know if it ever had. I can’t remember.