Sword of Crom & Blackheart Weapons... add a "no thrall" description!

I recently learned that the Sword of Crom no longer does damage when wielded by a thrall. I tried to use a Blackheart Blade, and discovered it also does 0 damage when wielded by a thrall.

Funcom, how about adding a description to weapons that have this kind of limitation? Something like “thralls can’t use”.

For players who don’t know any better, this appears like an in-game bug. A simple tag in the weapons specs would help.


There are several instances in this game where this one has wondered if there was a bug or if it was a “feature”.
Survival games often love to leave details opaque, to “encourage discovery” and punish those with less system mastery. However, there are many places where it can be problematic when an object has surprising effects.
Not saying everything needs a full under the hood, but a bit more explanation is merited in numerous situations, this one being an excellent example.

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While it’s not something I personally like to being with, it’s particularly problematic when it takes the form of illogical effects, such as a sword dealing no damage.


Here are some examples of what the item descriptions should look like in game:

Sword of Crom - how it should look - r

Carnage - how it should look - r


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