T4 thralls vanish in front of me

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

Just had 6 T4 thralls vanish in front of me. All armed in full silent legion, lvl 60 flawless hyrkanian armor, and legendary weapons…
Checked event log. Only records two archers vanishing (with no cause of loss). The 4 fighters are not in the event log at all. Completely gone as if they didn’t exist. Between materials and thrall break time, that is 3 days of my game time for not.

shown here are 5 of 8 T4 fighters (Mel the blade and warosthe breaker), and 2 of 2 T4 archers (Alren storm). All 4 Mel the blade and both Alren storm vanished with no cause.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Did you demolish any building pieces? Not sure if it still happens(not sure if its been patched) but at one point, if you fx demolished a wall in your building, all thralls would fall through the floor for whatever reason… Could be thats what happened, though not sure of course

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We demolished a roof piece near by. But if it makes em fall through the floor then we found no bodies and why only mell the blade and not waros the breaker?

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good question… i wouldn’t know really, but its the best suggestion i can give :slight_smile: being based on personal experience and all