Take back of all crafted buildingparts, working benches, etc. back to inventory

It would be great if you could take all crafted objects for buildings, like ofen, working benches, etc. back into the inventory. Unfortunately, that works with some stuff (standing Torches e.g.) but with most not. Its not clear why this is not possible, but it might be always neccessary when you build a fortress, etc. because some parts clip into another and prevent others from being planted. That would be really great. :wink:

Anything with an inventory (which includes crafting stations, chests and more) generally cannot be moved. Something about the inventory being destroyed if the target (crafting station, say) is turned into an item itself. Though the solution to that would surely be to only allow people to do this if the target’s inventory was empty? Mods have managed it, so it must be possible.

Strange but there is a mod Pickup+, for example, that allows such a thing. I think that picking up walls and floors is not fair/immersive, but why not to move some crafting table? I have some strong thralls to do such things. There are questions about furnaces and wheels of pain of course, but if I can carry some big bed with me then why can’t I carry an empty wooden box?

It is already being evaluated

Edit: I am fairly sure I was wrong, and @krampe is right. This suggestion already exists.

That is something even Jens-Erik mentioned in the live-stream where they first talked pets and to be frank I think of it as a poor excuse.

There is, as @Ko6ka mentiones, a mod called Pickup+, which I run on my server as well.
Strangely it let’s you pick up Thralls and crafting stations.
Thralls cannot be picked up until their inventory is empty (no weapons, no armor, no junk) but when picking up a crafting station it drops its content in a bag.
Really do not see why this could not be done by FUNCOM unless they have an ulterior motive.
Anyway, in vanilla, it is a real pain to properly align crafting benches, especially when the camera acts up as well.

Not being able to pick them up and replace them is a unnecessary burden.

Sorry but I disagree with you, at least how the game is designed.

About fairness:
I would think of it to be unfair to just drop a smelter in a mining area to get iron out and then pack it up again as more unfair than picking up a wall is.

Picking up a wall does not give you a benefit other than you having a wall, alright you might raise the argument of replacing structures in PVP but currently you can just place a wall in a spot where there is no wall anymore.
When it comes to upgrading, well I did not check if it is implemented, but you could simply disallow to upgrade a building part when damaged.

About immersion:
As you just place an entire wall by one click, like no building of the wall in the world or such, immersion should not be much of a concern, not even talking about the PC to be able to carry a small house in building parts with him.

Since there is no way to plan your build you will lose a lot of material when trying something out, or attempting something more than a plain box.
Maybe this idea would make players, maybe also on PVP, be more daring in their designs since they basically could undo mistakes and therefore try to build something more than a square, but that is just an assumption.

I like the idea which is why I will not play without Pickup+ anymore unless it is in the base game.
Already I lost countless materials because I attempted something and found out I have to have to redo the foundations to achieve it.
I do not like to grind 3 times the amount just to figure out how I achieve my ideas, especially since I would totally forget my idea when constantly being interupted, but that is me.

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I tend to disagree because dismantle has also the meaning to build something back and you already can destroy any placeable. Also the “destroy the complete base” is already possible as well when you destroy a decayed base.

Maybe @Tascha can clear that up for us :slight_smile:

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Eh, on second thought I think you’re right.

It has been discussed but I have to check back on the status. My guess is that it’s a bit lower on our priority list if we are considering it :slight_smile: In any case, we have it noted down for the future!

Did you mean that the inventory slots are destroyed, or the items inside the inventory of that craft table?

Because IMO if the problem is that the items inside it are destroyed, then let them be. The player should know better than to try and abuse the slot capacity to stack items inside items (tibia style - i know, i’m old.)

But if the slots are destroyed, then it’s another issue :stuck_out_tongue: But i really don’t see how you, as a barbarian, would pick up a forge/blacksmith table and move it around, if the problem is immersion.

Because it will lead to several dupe glitches, have you tried Pickup+? Do you know what happens when 2 or 3 people coordinate to pickup a bench full of stuff at the same time?

Might have been fixed now, but it was the case several months ago and got me to remove the mod from my server.

As I understand it - when you craft a Forge, it doesn’t have an inventory - yet. At that point it’s an item. Placing that item turns it into something else (a “placeable world item”) - something that has an inventory. Turning it back into an item would mean that the inventory of the “world item” ceases to exist. Any items in there would probably be destroyed (cease to exist) as well. Could just drop as a loot bag though. Or (even better) only allow empty placeables to be picked back up.

Yeah I don’t have a problem with that either as it happens.

Eh, you can cart around a gigantic f–king map-room. It’s a technical limitation, not an immersion-one. I can fit several forges in my loincloth as it is - doesn’t make any sense either (not asking for that to change though it’s a compromise in favor of usability I’m fine with).

Huh. Well, that’s one case where “a mod can do it” doesn’t necessarily translate into “so it’s easy to implement in the base game”. It might be acceptable for a mod to have this kind of loophole, but not for the game itself to have it.

Mods aside, what if two or three people coordinate pickup of, say, a map-room (a fairly expensive structure!) - does it get duped (I would assume not). If not, then that shouldn’t be a problem for other items either.

I run Pickup+ on my server and no I did not know there (was) is a dupe issue.
Have you ever tried to simultaneously pick-up a door in vanilla? Asking out of curiosity because it is a mechanic existing in the game already, same goes for beds and the likes.

It is important to make sure that exploitation is not possible but not even thinking about an implementation because of the fear of exploits would be ridiculous.

So, yeah. It is a bit trickier than it looks to implement this properly. For one, we do definitely need a check to make sure the inventory of the item you want to pick-up is empty. Secondly, implementing it without running the risk to have a possible exploit or duping issue means it is not a straight forward implementation.

That doesn’t mean we are not considering it. As mentioned it is indeed already on our list but as I thought, it is lower on our priority list due to more pressing issues we need to address :slight_smile:


I get that and I agree that there are more pressing issues at the moment so no hurry, all in due time :slight_smile:

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I tried several things. If you destroy something with an inventory, the complete inventory is thrown to the ground, similarly as when you throw things out of your characters inventory. :wink:

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