Placeables dismantling on "Return to Inventory" is annoying asf

As the title says. A lot of good things have come out of 3.0, the building revamp being mostly positive, except for this part imo.

A strategy I used to employ in the sandstorm at low levels was to carry around a tent and pop it up for shelter. Sure, it can still be done, but only once. Another loss with this change is moving bases or rearranging buildings. I know there is a “move” option now, but at times its hella impractical.

Crafting stations bust up into their component parts, while realistic, its a right pain in the ass. The same happens with Chests, despite that we could probably just pick 'em up. What about those little ceramic jars we could fit in our pockets? Poof, stone. A cup? Poof, Iron.

The way I’m see it, almost all placeables should be able to be returned into our inventory in one piece. Exceptions might be absolutely huge things and “fixed” structures, like Vaults, the two large Wheels of Pain, Animal Pens and Wells.
We also wouldn’t have the issue wherein the improved fishtrap is uncraftable.


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