Pet Pen Back to Inventory

So I just started with the pets system. U realize that we cant all have everything. But those pet pens are so huge and do take some time to craft. Not massive amounts of time but it feels like a chore building and then tearing it down.

It is huge. It is also hard to place. I have destroyed and built mine over and over because I just dont like how it angled with my Base. My OCD stuggle is real.

We should be able to put them back into our inventory.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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We’ve had the suggestion about being able to take specific placeables back in your inventory before and we have it on the suggestion list. However it’s actually really difficult to do properly because of possible items within those placeables if a player picks them up or because of ownership issues.

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Take a look at how it’s done for the Radium Gem Standing Torch

You guys already solved it :slight_smile: (not a mod)

That is a totally different case though :slight_smile:

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Okay, if you say so I’ll take your word for it of course - seems a very similar thing to me, but I haven’t looked into it in any detail.

But this is a container? Just remove the items and move it. Most people will permanently place it. But lining the thing up is a dreadful experience.

As a container it will be locked regardless. Sure your clan can move it. But most clans leave peoples things be in my experience.

Thanks for the response.

But blowing mine up 5 times to get it to look pretty ( very important to me) is making my brain hurt.

i m with the op when he says the pen is to big and hard to place, anyway i really dont like the idea of it beeing able to be put back in inventory, by that, wheel of pain should too. however to have to replace it everytime you want to upgrade your pen is not really fun. i would like if the pen has a simular build progression like religious altars do. place it once, upgrade it with materials…

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I understand spec if you do it by mistake, but can you do so its poseble to pick it up the first h or so so its poseble to plaise it corect.

its welly hard to get a good angel to even se what you are toing whit the pen, men even an altar is tricky to plase in line. But i dont Think its a good ide that you can move Machines/pens/Craft stations around after that. You have to build new on the new home.

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