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I really like the building system in Conan and I love decorating and ordering my house.
But if I (for example) place an oven too close to a wall, that it is seeable through the wall from the outside, I would like to have the chance to replace it. So i would like the option to put crafting stations / workbenches back to inventory (or move them like thralls). Otherwise i have to spend alot of material just to correct the place.


I thought about this even if they give you 10 minutes or 30 minutes or whatever to pick it up and then after the set time limit it becomes permanent

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…or something like that :slight_smile:

Use the Unlock Plus with Pickup mod, if you can. It makes life so much better. Funcom needs to focus on just making the basics work again.

I play on official server, so no mods allowed

I’m on console so we don’t have the options of mods

How about the option to build in “delayed construction mode” where the item is placed temporarily and you have a few minutes to either cancel the build, or let it place. Materials used would be locked during the timer. And stations, etc. couldn’t be used, but they would have their physical properties. If a person doesn’t cancel construction within something like 10 minutes, the item will become “active” and can be used.