Taking some good ideas from Rust (the game) for PVP servers

First idea, is to maintain players active and avoid to much building and animals / thralls on the server for performance. And new players have a better chance vs old players.

  • The decay in Rust is % of the total cost of the building in materials. For example 10% per day should be fine. + the normal decay timer but for 10 days.
  • Enable pets and thralls feeding system again + add a lifetime for thralls and pets (for example 2 weeks).

Second idea, trading bench.

  • In Rust the vending machine.

Third idea, a seasonal full wipe every 3 months.

Fourth idea, something like the helicopter/chopper, some alpha animals and thralls who cross the map hunting players.

I can add too full building damage 24 hours a day and no event log.

So? :slight_smile:

5th idea. Go play RUST.

Don’t like any of these mechanics. Helicopter in Conan ?

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