Talismans blocked at level 25


My 1st and 2nd weapons are blocked at level 25. So are nearly all my blue talismans. How can I do to keep on ugrading them ?

At character level 50 you can fuse them with other blue items to upgrade.

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How can I do this ? Thanks

Level up a second weapon of the same type to 25 blue and use the fusion tab of the upgrade window (Y) to fuse them to purple.

The same method is used to upgrade beyond purple. 2x level 30 purple = 1 yellow. 2x level 35 yellow = 1 red. Level 70 red is the maximum for weapons and talismans.

Glyphs and signets work a similar way, but they have to match and each rarity only goes up to level 20.


When levelling up a 1st weapon of the same type to 25, I suppose I need to go as far as level 20 in green before ?

That’s usually how it works for every piece of gear (except for gadgets), yes. Most of it starts out as level 1 green.