Teachings on obsidian disappeared

after patch 3.0, the teachings on obsidian disappeared. I lost them and I was taught. now i am on Siptah. does anyone else have that? so I can’t make tools. by the way. why there is obsidian on Siptah when there is no training to use it.

In reply to Mayra, Community support
Good morning, I didn’t use the Yellow Lotus Potion before noticing the problem. This happened after patch 3.0. I noticed that I also lost the ability to craft items from obsidian.
PvE 6455 Siptah

As far as I know, Exiled lands the only place you can learn obsidian tools.

Greetings Exile,

Can you tell us if you used the Yellow lotus potion before you noticed the issue?
Also, please share the server number or game mode.

Regarding your question, in Siptah there are other recipes that require obsidian. :slight_smile:

We await your reply.

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