Tell me your worst joke

Honestly, we can do with some chill time…
So what’s your worst joke…

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks ‘why the long face’

A man walks into a bar and the bartender asks if he’s ok…

A pony walks into a bar and has trouble speaking, the bartender asks if he is ok…
Yes, I’m just a little horse he replied…

How do you keep someone with ocd on edge? …

Bill was talking to his friend john one day,
John, he says, what happened to your car? its all dented in, 2 wheels are flat and there’s a tree branch sticking through the windshield?
John replies, oh yeah that. I was driving in the country the other day and I ran over a Racoon.
Bill was astonished and says, a Racoon did all that?
John replies, well I missed it the first time…

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The other day a book fell on my head.
I can only blame myshelf.


A guy walks into a pet shop looking for a parrot. There he finds three with diffrent pricing. The first for 300, the second for 500 and the third cost 800. He asks the vendor why they have different pricing. The vendor explains:

The parrot for 300 has a tiny chain on his left feet. If you pull it, it will say “good morning!” to you.

Okay nice. The man says. Whats with the other?

The second parrot for 500 has a chain on his left and his right feet. If you pull them it will say “good morning!” and “good night!” to you.

Well, thats even better. The man replies. But whats with this ugly, greyish one for 800 bucks?

The vendor shrugs and answers: I don’t know whats so special about him, but the other two call him boss.

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How many Picts does it take to change a Radium Gem?

5. One to hold the gem and four to turn the fixture.


Why are there bar codes on the front of Norwegian Naval ships?

So when they get to port they can…

Epic Submarine Battle Footage…


Oh come now, passive builders on a PvP server who don’t like PvP was gold. Sensitive much?

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Wanna hear a quick joke?

Wanna hear it again?

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Two potatoes are standing on the corner.

How do you know which potato is a prostitute?

The potato with the sticker that says IDAHO


I was going to answer - the one that is a peelin’.

What’s Fanta left in the freezer overnight?


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