Temperature Resistance Stats bugged - Lemurian Royal Clothes?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

The Compiled Resistance against Temperature is often very slow to update itself after changing clothes / armor.
Also, the compiled temperature seems to change all the time when I am wearing Lemurian Royal clothes. Sometimes it is 0 against Heat, then 2 against Heat, then again 3 against cold.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It would probably be helpful to include additional information such as where you are standing while testing this, what the weather conditions/time of day is and whether you are wearing the full set or not.

I had this before wearing it. Its heat gear so do not believe the cold when it comes on. I was in constant heat stroke in the volcano. Definitely a bug.

i would say, the Royal set is def not for the volcano.

I can imagine that you get heatstroked there, is maybe fine for house and home in the swungle, but not the one you need for the volcano.
The protection is to low, and also in volcano temperature depends lot of where you stay at the moment. There are realy hot spots, but also some colder, and some freezing ones to the outside.

Volcano is an extreme climat. Grab some SL armor, ice, ice-tea, maybe a heatresistent shield if you have the luck to grab one out of a boss-chest. Then you will stand the volcano. The other heat-outfits just mostly don’t do it there.

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