Terrible lag after patch 1.40

Game mode: Online, private server, PvE
Problem: Bug | Performance/lag
Region: America

Last night after the patch, I died like 5 times riding the elevator up to my base, one moment I was in on it, and the next moment I was teleported out of it and free falling to my death, or/and I was riding it up, arrived to the ledge, headed towards the front door, and the next moment I was teleported again into mid air falling to my death. The work around to it was to ride the elevator up, wait still for 10 seconds on it after it arrived to the top, and then I could notice a frame stutter on my screen, then I could safely enter my front door. the same issue happened when riding the elevator down to the ground.
I have noticed other issues that have been reported on other trheads, like bodies dissapearing into the ground after being killed, knocked down thralls dissapearing and then reapearing after minutes, “invisible” enemies attacking you, and then showing themselfs, the black hole in the thrall and pet food boxes and inventory and so on.
Please fix this, this is an incredible game but right now it´s unplayable due to the lag issues.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just play the game

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