Stuttering after teleport/death

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

After death at respawn near bed, or after teleporting you stutter for many seconds until able to walk free

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. use a map room to teleport anywhere
  2. try to move after being teleported
  3. keeps dragging you back for 15 seconds

Hello @mihai08, thank you for reaching out!

Does the issue only occur online?

Have you only experienced this after the latest patch?

Have notice the same on x box too on official pve conflict server each time i teleport me and somtimes after using a workbench

yes only after the patch, online. didn’t tried it offline. I have members from my server saying the same thing

We’ll send word to the developers, thank you for clarifying!

It’s happening in combat vs pve too

Yup getting stuck in endless tumbles at every obelisk, gaining lots of corruption and getting killed by any npcs at the obelisk! Also happens when spawning at base. Not sure how this wasn’t picked up before the patch came out!?


It didn’t happen before patch

Elevator bug too explain guys

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