Test player count, open discussion

Was logging in today to see if I could nab another big purple dragon statue for my front yard on test and this caught my eye

wassatsay? This is a point you know I’ll punch.

PVE players out number PVP players by a significant amount. Which for me is a bit of a surprise because as far as I can tell Age of War is all about conflict, PVP.

I have 0 PVP opinions to work with so, are there any test PVPes on the forum to give an opinion?
How has PVP battles changed? Much like PVE NPC battles?

Oh and for us PVE players; not me, that thinks updates are PVP centric, this one seems like it aught to be, but other wise I disagree. I see those numbers, you see those numbers, so you know funcom does. I don’t see the logic in making updates PVPcentric, like to think funcom does as well.

None the less the age of war is all about raiding, raiders, and treasure. So it really seems to me to be PVPcentric. I’m just waiting on siege engines.

You’re setting there viewing the latest harvest videos on cornhub when you get a PM that some one is setting up a siege tower out side your base :eyes: You and your buddies all get on at about the same time. Do you fight off the raiders from the walls or grab a fighter or 2 and head out side for a ground attack?

How would you know you’re not on test to find out :grin:

I would point out that if you are on PC, and wish to see various changes and input to the state of the game. you need to be playing the Public Beta.

If PVPers for example refrain from playing the beta. They will have very little to stand on when changes happen that they don’t like.

In reality, there has only been 1.33% (200 peak in the last week on Public Beta, and 15,000 in the normal game) of players (using Steam) playing on Public Beta, PVE or PVP. And that is a very very small percentage. Its very much evident in threads when people make complaints or comments and they have NOT played the beta. So if you want to be heard, you need to get on there and play.

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The PvP community on Conan is tiny compared to the PvE community, so I feel that (while a tad low) those numbers are a fairly accurate representation of the overall number of PvP players compared to PvE players.

Side note: When you said “wassatsay,” I thought you were going to point out that the servers are showing a max (cap) of 60 players per server, instead of the 40 on live. :man_shrugging:


True. I often read that PvP fights are “staged” because of reappearing names etc. This is the reason. There are not many people playing pure PvP compared to PvE+PvE-C or RP.

Also if you see a new name, but this person is good at PvP, you can be 99% sure this is just another smurf account.


What is that?

Part of the new raider system they are replacing purges with. New treasures, some like the purple dragon wont go in your pack, you have to carry them with both hands. I assume on PVP you could mug some one running along with a treasure.


Why would a pvp player play on beta?
They tried, they saw its not good.
Better enjoy playing normal server, while it last

Because the devs are working on tweaks to settings in beta.
You do get that is what the beta servers are about, right?

Yes. Players to test new tweaks and content. Report any bugs and give feedback.
Pvp player also has to be on servers they play to defend base during raid hours.
Might be hard to find time to also play as much on beta server

well what tp say; i asked to thread of ignasis annoucing the patch note for beta live version if age of war will be realased with farming rate at 1 was normal, as it was iniatially at launch of conan with farming rate at x1 (actually official are at x4), because actually pvp server for beta are configured with farming rate x1, raiding off, no loot drop at death.

so what to say ? not really a surprise if server is empty no ?

well anyways i was happy to see that with x1 farming rate all the game breaking mechanic were more soft (and it was matching parameters with whom i started conan 5 years ago), and despsite that what i can say you is that a pvp player that want to loot the whole server, even if farming rate is at x1 and that he need to start from scratch, it will take him around 7-8 hours to hit level 60 and have his first bomb to raid. he will be able to get his first legendaries weapons around level 15-20 that outclass weapons that he will be able to craft much more later at 60. so level 60 players if there are not experienced will be more exposed to be killed by low level player with legendaries weapons. if farming rate is x4 will be 5-6 hours to fully level up from scratch without any support, faster on conan exiles than siptah where it will require more time to level up. and age of war is not age of skill as for pvp it will be roll, activate q lock that have been done more deadly, left click, and then renew.

It’s a testing environment… it’s not meant for you to “relive your glory days and make players quit the test servers…”

While that statement is true… and I never saw anybody doubting that (well… anybody remotely reasonable that is)… your picture wouldn’t really qualify as any sort of proof regarding that :slight_smile:
It’s just a very small sample size of people on the Steam platform and only at the specific time you took that picture - it’s not really indicative of anything.

FYI I checked a couple of days ago and every single server, including all 4 PvP ones were full 60/60 with people in the queue, so it’s most likely due to the fact that you didn’t really take that picture during prime hours and also there’s been a few days since the last set of changes…
So while you can RP along on the PvE ones, there’s really not a whole lot to test on PvP stuff once people discovered the initial changes and gave feedback on them, until they make some tweaks again.

I think those are the real reasons you’re seeing that :slight_smile:

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Conan exiles has a huge builders community! All of these players are mostly in private pve servers with mods. They don’t care about mobs, they care about mods. Regular pve and pve-c players are sometime not pvp players anymore.
Pve seem to have more population but there’s other categories too that fit in this section. Realistically, pve regular players do not outnumber the other categories.

This one has not yet jumped into the PvP beta servers.

This one’s limited access has so far been spent trying to get a grasp over how to built a character who can function and what weapons can be used with how many strikes, what combo, ect…

It’s a big combat overhaul.

So, in short, this one is not finished training in the gym before hopping in the ring for some friendly sparring.

Also, having very limited access to time on a PC with Conan isn’t helping. As one who is used to controller, keyboard and mouse is very different.


one reason few pvpers play the beta is it is not structured fornthe small window the testing will occur. 1 month to go from 0 to 60 means the first few weeks are literally grinding for meta stuff. By the time you get to anything that can simulate the 5 year old live servers the beta goes live. they should set the harvest and xp on pvp beta at 10x so pvpers can test pvp functionality. PVE test will test the grind so to speak.

And also, being as if i play test, then my base will get offlined in live. So gotta baby sit :frowning: instead.

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Now i have peeled off of pvp last few weeks. But am testing on pve. Mainly because i am doing the min/max test so i am ready to go day 1 knowing the best grind routes on pvp serverd. Then use that knowledge to be a thorn in an alphas side for a few weeks while they learn the new meta weapons and farm routes.

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its not matter to relive our glory day, but if you think its not important to test the raid system what i can say…

and if test environement why farming at x1 if they keep farming at x4 at release ?

Idk, personally I think they should load some form of test-mod on it that allows users to get max level with a button press and some additional debug controls, in case they want to test endgame stuff…

The purpose shouldn’t be to play the game but to try things and give feedback. But I suppose they can do that on their own servers since you can host a public test server.

and what about simply configure the server ? and i do disagree, i test in leveliing up a character and playing to see bugs but ALSO how the balance of game is working in aiow, and i think there is no other way to really test a game than in playing it, after its also possible to connect single player with admin miode, make spawn what you want to see, level uo at 60 in admin mode, its probably what are doing 99% of people.

That’s why I did not say instantly level them… but make it optional, for those who need to test that sort of stuff in a live environment, while at the same time let the ones who want to test leveling, do that…

And you are completely wrong btw :slight_smile: Playing the game does not in any way equal testing it… it’s not even in the same zip-code…

(Oh… also… you have absolutely no guarantee that the servers will keep being at 4x harvest in the next age… for all you know they’ll set them back to 1x since there have been complaints about it. )

and so so why not a word in patch note of changing of farming rate ? not an important game change ?

and personally i would be happy if farming rate was x1 on offical pvp server, but i think this is not the case of 90% of people.