Testlive Battleye kick - Reason: Bad Player Name

Now its hit me too.
Battleye kicks me all the time from the server with “Reason: Bad Player Name”.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Battleye, deleted files under my root path, cleaned my windows regestry.
After that i tried following :

The bug is when the user name is not stored in registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA, it is read as if it was there, but empty. This should be fixed in 95099. If you do not want to wait for that version, just create an registry value with a name Player Name and containing your user name as a value. An alternate workaround is to create an additional profile with any name and use that.

But nothing helps. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


I also cannot enter EU2 because of this bug, all my friends cannot enter EU1 because of this bug.

I deinstalled conan exiles and battleye and reinstalled it, waited 7 hours download. Still no luck.

Please don’t bash me to get a better internet. I live on top of an italian alp. Either what i have or isdn.

Only wait for a server restart helps.

I’m leaving for a week in 10 hours…I guess it’s back to playing rust…

i’m pretty sure i figured out what causes this. when someone kills you while you’re offline and you can’t choose your respawn point (because you were offline), the server you were killed on doesn’t know what to do and gives you that error.

i was able to play on EU1 earlier today. i got killed by another player and felt like my pc was lagging so i ragequit before choosing one of the respawn options and restarted my computer. 5 minutes later when i tried to connect again i got the infamous “bad player name” bug and can’t get back on that server until it restarts.

i suspect they never really tested what happens when a player doesn’t choose a respawn option.

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My clanmate sleep at the bed on the base and can’t login cause of bad_name

In the ultimate show of bug love I was in the middle of Pvping, paused to bandage and apparently pulled my weapon out too soon. (Using a weapon while bandaging does still crash the game) Well of course they gutted me while I was unconscious as I found my body drifting through the Elysian fields straight into the ban list. Dying while unconscious is most certainly a trigger. We had a couple other clan members that were just sleeping and they ended up on the list. Time to check whatever code triggers ‘Bad Player Name’; not sure why dying while unconscious would trigger that of all possible choices…

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I got this error on US 2 so I started playing US 1. Checked US 2 every so often to no avail. Eventually, I got the error on US 1. When I next tried US 2 I could log in again. Looks like the error could only let do me out of one server at a time. Has anyone been locked out of multiple servers simultaneously? Maybe the work around is to start on a new server, get into fight, log out so that you die while off line, and see if that frees you for your original server?

I have been having the same issue for the past 12 hours now, My wife logged on yesterday to US2 she checked one of the buildings that I was logged into, somebody busted through the door, killed my character and then destroyed my bedroll, they didn’t break into any of the boxes that were there or destroy anything else, just killed me and destroyed my bed roll. This seems like an exploit that needs to be addressed sooner than later because it is just a terrible player experience.

Would be amazing if a Mod or something would acknowledge this or comment.

Tested this with one of the EU servers. Created a new character and found a big enough mob to kill me slowly and I went into game options to disconnect from the game. After a few minutes I tried to reconnect to the server and it gave me the Bad Player Name error and prevented the connection. It didn’t open up any of the previously banned servers so that’s a myth.

US1: Created a character on patch day but the server was too unstable so we switched to US2. At some point the character was killed in her sleep resulting in the ban.

US2: Was Pvping at lvl 60. Unequipped polearm so I could bandage. Re-equipped polearm causing the game to crash. Other player killed my unconscious body resulting in the ban.

EU1: Created a character to test issue. Ran towards bugs north of the pirate ship. Queen attacked me, after the first swipe, I forced a disconnect. Waited about five minutes before trying to log back in and saw the ban message preventing a successful login.

Honestly if they don’t prioritize this, there won’t be any point to testlive since there won’t be any players left to test with.

Sorry to hear that it did not work. I have been able to get back on to severs that had the bad player name error and it seemed consistent after I could no longer log into another server. It may not have been related to that though. It may have just been an elapsed time issue.

Thank you for testing.