Bad player name - Funcom you are wrong

It’s from today discord chat

Redrick - Сегодня в 10:04
@Jens Erik - Main CM hello! Any good news about ‘Bad player name’ issue?

Jens Erik - Main CM - Сегодня в 10:07
Looks like we found the reason for the “BadPlayerName” bug, and it’s thanks to BattlEye that we were able to figure it out. BE blocks players from entering a server when they have certain characters in their character name that we don’t allow. That includes just having a blank space as a character name.

We recently changed some blueprints that affected how a player repossesses their character and how the game checks for that. What ended up happening was that the game and server will start loading up your character, but doesn’t assign a name to them. BattlEye then checks said character, sees a blank space, and kicks the player. We should have a fix for this very soon :smiley:
I was just about to hit send when you asked

Redrick - Сегодня в 10:09
I can play about 2 days with my name. And have got this issue when killed while offline
Erik… you have feed back from players with this issue in your new forum. Check it. Test it! BEFORE post this bul$hit (-

Folks who have this issue, i need your help. In my opinion Funcom does not understand the problem right.

//upd You were kicked by Battle Eye, Reason Bad Character Name

It’s a bug, so not your fault. There’s no need to change your character name.
It happens if you log in to the server and there is no character already spawned in for you, meaning someone killed your unconscious body.

It is fixed internally, and should be in the next testlive update.

Hmm. That indeed sounds a little bit strange to me.
I had this issue on EU 1 and EU 2.

There was definitely no suspicious character in my character names. No special characters, no whitespaces. Just about 12 characters from A-Z, the first letter in upper case the rest in lower case. Something like “Semmelrogge” or “Barumbaba”.

On the other hand the weirdest problems can occur. Maybe they have some name rules that say “gg” or “baba” is not allowed. I saw the oddest things in similar cases.

You misunderstood what Jens meant, Or there was a slight miscommunication.
It defintely does have to do with the player name, But its nothing to do with the user’s side of things.

It doesnt matter what your name is, Its not a profanity filter ban. By the sounds of it, SOMETHING is causing battle-eye to Assign the player a name, It would most likely be like PLAYER_Redrick or PLAYER_Ren. However when its doing that instead of its default old style of logging, which purely was the name chosen. We are getting banned because of that _.

I’m not to sure if thats exactly whats going on, But the Event log defintely confirms exactly what Jens said.
(If you look in there, Theres now a new way to tell if a person is actually a player and thats the code PLAYER_NAME, I believe the reason it was changed was because people could name mimic too easily. Example: Cimmerian Carpenter III has destroyed your foundation"
Which would now translate to “Player_Cimmerian Carpenter III has destroyed your foundation” in the event log.

Edit: I can defintely confirm that one of the triggers of battle-eye assigning a _ in name, Is death while offline. Because thats the only time it has happened to me.
I might also add, This is a non-existent problem on Private servers. So its something to do with official battle-eyes that much is for sure.


Thanks for the clarification.
I in deed misunderstood Eric a little bit.
But I was and I am quite confident that they solved the issue.

I’m curious to know why this Player_ thing ever became an issue. I have never heard of a NPC attacking a building (no aggro table) so, using that logic, EVERY attacker is a player. If a NPC attacks another player, the player can easily tell if it’s a real NPC or a player with a screwy name. Even when dead you can watch the NPC wander and tell if it’s one or the other (unless the player is drunk and can’t move without staggering about).

I may be missing something but it looks to me that they tried to ‘fix’ a non-existent issue and caused a bug.

They want creatures and NPC to attack structures and buildings in future.
It was mentioned in the last Friday stream if I remember correct.

And wouldn’t it be already possible that NPCs or creatures kill a logged out (unconscious) player?

Yeah, the logged out player bit makes sense and I hadn’t considered the purge.

I’m going to clarify it a bit here as well. =)

You would get this bug when you logged into a server that did not already have a player character spawned in for you, with the exception of a brand new character being created (Character Creation).

The reason this happened is that it would try to do the verification with BattlEye before it was finished loading the character name from the database. So all it would send to BattlEye was an empty name. This triggered the “Bad player name” issue. This bug was an unfortunate side effect of fixing another issue in the game.

If the game started and loaded in your offline unconscious body, which is a new feature it only does if you are marked as alive in the database, it would properly put your character name into that unconscious body.
So when you connect and take control over that body, it had the name already loaded and ready to be sent to BattlEye.

So if someone killed you while you were offline, you’d get into the state where the game has to spawn you a new body on connection.

This has been fixed internally, and we now delay sending your name to BattlEye until we’ve properly loaded it from the database. It will be out in the next testlive update!


The Player_ thing was added because some players found it fun to name themselves as NPCs or as the “Ruin system” to hide the fact that they were behind the destruction of your belongings. Since it wouldn’t be possible to tell in the Event Log that it was a player.


Dam i was wrong on the complete clarification, But atleast i mentioned both points :man_shrugging: lol
Thanks for the actual clarification.

Jay! Thank you for the clarification.
I always find it interesting to hear some actual technical details behind a problem.
Looking forward to the fix!
And the “Player_ thing” is actually a very good idea.