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If you have feedback for the recent update, please leave it here! Whether it’s a change you like or one you think could be improved we want to hear it.

Notes to the most recent TestLive update can be found HERE.

I Love the Update (Belit Fury). However I did notice one bug.
– Coin of Bel doesn’t seem to work very often for her character. Money almost never drops for her.
Also, in early stages,she’s REALLY underpowered. I would recommend making her arrows do more damage.
Thanks, love the game.:grinning:

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aobut Balance Changes:
Quarry: Each blue stone resource square now grants 2 stone (was 1)

What’s you mean? is scar metal become 2 stone?(was 1)
scar metal is still keeping 1

Belit testlive now:
stone is 1 (was 1)
iron is 2 (was 2)
scar metal is 1 (was 1)
have any different?

In the test live, Stone nodes do give out 2 stone rather than 1 as part of the new balance changes:

that describe make me confused as following screenshot
so … update next time,thanks

Thank you for that information, we’ll forward it to the developers!

She really shines after unlocking her active ability and placing her near braziers. :wink:

iron node is 1 or 2 ?
which is right?

and so many node can’t build,pls improve it