TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

No fix in dagger light combo? Can any1 check this? I’m on a trip and can’t play for some days.

Yes, I’m shocked that Crimson Lotus is still not listed as being fixed since it should be as simple as making it have the same code as the other lotus! It blocks out half of all the elixirs from being crafted which is a decent chunk of game-play options, along with Grey Lotus being damned impossible to get much of compared to others.


are you guys adding head trophies for those new monsters? cuz I do not see a point to add another white dragon further there. Ppl can get dragon bones from much easier areas.

what do you mean by Black Ice pickaxe? there’s no black ice pickaxe right? I think you meant black ice pick.

Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 100928/18372
Problem: Hyperborean Slaver Armor Set

The Epic Hyperborean Slaver Armor set still has wrong temp insulation(cold) ability unlike the normal set has heat insulation ability

Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 100928/18372
Problem: Purge does not start

after this testlive patch,
setting with `, fillallclanpurgemeters does not fill the purge meter, and startplayerpurge does not work as well

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Probably the copy you started was also damaged. There is a CheckGameDB.bat file in the Saved folder. he identifies damaged game save files.

@AhBabay You know that you can edit your posts right?
You make a mess with this spam :slight_smile:

thanks for clearing that out.

I had to deal so many more messes with the testlive patch made by them :wink:

Great Stuff! But please, make thralls able to block again and take out shields after first aggro. They put away after 1st fight

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Is entirely possible my save was just jacked from various mods. Will try cleaning the save tomorrow and checking again to make sure it’s just that and not some weird decay issue.


this is already in live version :slight_smile:

you should do the same for kingscourge heart

Finaly can’t way to see what they offert :slight_smile:

it is in the works but takes more time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. It is super appreciated. We are taking notes and will take your input back to the team. Please try to be as specific as possible with feedback so we do not have to bug you with additional questions :slight_smile:

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The light armor journey bug has indeed been fixed in this patch, as promised! It fell under the carpet during the Patch Notes check. Sorry about that! It’s now added to the very top to make sure no one misses it :slight_smile:


Are there also more items coming in (items you can see in the admin panel list with Pippi) and items the Devs already talked about like the Pontoons, windows, more traps, other doorways (2x2), other Sound and animation for the greater doorway…?

This happens on console as well where some lotus will not grind in the grinder, also as to your lotus havesting issue, hit it with an axe, you will laugh, but be happier.

That hasn’t been patched in yet. Sadly we can’t fix everything in one go. The team is looking into the weather issues though :slight_smile:


Ok, read and reread the notes, hope I just missed it but I didn’t see anything about the fish traps, beehives, and water wells that stop working after a little while. Is that fixed?

Does this mean it is no longer possible to learn them in the open world?

Single piece or whole set?

Most? So you are telling us there are still SOME weapon recipes NOT GRANTNG “Craft Weapon” journeystep? :rofl:

Not fixed yet. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

So this is a joke right? 500+ Patch with only 232 patches included? Do I miss something here?



Howcome that VAULTS are still so overpowered that it ruins the game. It takes many many 100s of orbs or 1000s of trebuchet hits or 100-120 bombs to take down a vault.

I suggest u make it ALOT more expensive to build, OR move it down to 100K hitpoints instead of 600k

Because as it is now, all you have to do in mid- and late game is to spam vaults around the map and NO NEED AT ALL to have an actual base. Not the way Conan was intended to play I am quite sure.

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