Testlive Update 2.3 (10.02.2021) - Isle of Siptah revamp, Offline mode, sprint attacks and more!

There is a quality standard to be able to launch on consoles, they do not accept “early access” of games. On the PC, things are more free, and after Cyberpunk 2077 things got more rigorous.


PC is more “Trying out stuff and fixing it!” friendly. See this like FF14 Restart that turned into the one we know. They first made the PC Client nice and stable, then they gone made the Console Clients.

in a way, the PC Clients are the better Alpha-Testers


I played some more and I’d like to do some appreciation/critique.

I usually play offline solo, and I often boost the server in some way (notably by reducing crafting time by 50%, thrall conversion rate by 90%, and having resource gathering multiplied by 10) in order to actually progress in an acceptable timeframe. This time, I started a game with only halved crafting times and 3x boost to resources.

Currently, the early game rewards exploration and camp raiding a lot more than resource gathering. Sure, by gathering you are making a ton of XP, especially if you early gather Brimstone and Black Ice. However, raiding a camp rewards you with 1) resources such as leather and steel 2) Supply Material crates and gravedigging loot 3) High-quality weapons and armor. Instead of hiding in your hole and gathering strength until you are ready to face what’s outside, going out and engaging in camp raiding is dangerous but HIGHLY rewarding. Also, gathering thralls is much more enjoyable: before lvl30, converting a T3 thrall is a chore, so having the possibility of instantly converting a thrall simply by killing an enemy is a massive plus.

I really like this new early game: it is more ferocious and aggressive, and you do not feel like a scared puppy that needs to hide.

One thing I absolutely DO NOT like, however, is the prerequisite to gravedigging. In my run, I found 2 broken Gravediggers inside a Supply Crate, and suddenly I was able to gather extra loot. I personally find this current state of affairs quite stupid: I should not require a shovel made of frigging Star Metal in order to dig a hole and a broken one at that. If I may propose an alternative, I would personally change it like you can craft shovels at the Blacksmith’s Bench that unlock with Iron, Steel, and Hardened Steel Tools, such as

Iron Shovel = 50 Iron Bar, 10 Wood. Can dig 5 graves.
Steel Shovel = 50 Steel Bar, 10 Shaped Wood. Can dig 10 graves.
Hardened Steel Shovel = 50 Hardened Steel Bar, 10 Shaped Wood. Can dig 15 graves.

If the shovel is broken, you cannot dig.

EDIT: Obviously ignore the numbers, it’s the mechanic that counts.

Maybe you’ve already tried this, but I personally think it might be an improvement instead of gatekeeping the possibility of digging graves in the early game through RNG, which is never fair.


How about Rot based orb, made from Essence of Rot?

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I just want to say: The changes and additions look very, very promising. Looking forward to the patch!

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Greetings everyone,

We have a new revision of the Testlive build, version 2.3.277617. Please feel free to leave us feedback on this updated and as always, we appreciate your continued support.

Currently Known Issues

  • The N’gora boss from Tillerman’s Watch sometimes will not drop loot.
  • Performing a sprint attack right before mounting a pet, may randomly change direction of the pet while player’s character performs attacks.
  • Not all localizations have been implemented at this time.
  • Harpy’s Kiss Arrows and Harpy’s Bow have mixed up icons, names, long descriptions, short descriptions, labels and in-game models.


  • Building area around the Accursed Citadel was significantly extended to avoid exploits.
  • Fixed an issue with Iron-hold Leg-trap. It is no longer possible to stack the Iron-hold Leg-trap on top of another one.


  • Fixed an issue where Eldarium weapon recipes didn’t disappear after use.
  • Fixed an issue with Heavy Dragonbone armor that did not require Dragonbone ingredient in order to be crafted.
  • Balanced the amount of experience points that benches provide to the player when crafted.
  • Fixed an issue with Dismantling the Incarmine War-Axe and Incarmine Shield that provided different resources. These items now provide proper resources (3x Eldarium) after dismantling it in the Dismantling Bench.
  • Fixed issue with Flesh of Krllyand in Tannery. It is possible to process items in the Tannery. workstation while the Flesh of Krllyand is used as a fuel.
  • Fixed issue with Flesh of Krllyand in Compost Heap. Crafting in Compost Heap with use of Light of Krllyand takes only 90 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where dismantling the Featherlight Battle Axe provided different resources than those used in its recipe.
  • Made a few tweaks to Voidforge Gladius stats. These should now be on par with other similar type items.


  • Fixed an issue with Purge version of the Avatar of Bokrug where it was unable to attack hostile characters.
  • Fixed an issue where unwield action prevented players from executing unarmed sprint attack.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jailor NPC. Jailor cannot be knocked out anymore in all camps it spawns.


  • Fixed an issue where NPCs may have gotten stuck on wooden platforms in the Accursed Citadel.
  • Fixed an issue with the Boatswain boss from Boatswain’s Beacon that dropped inconsistent items.
  • Fixed an issue with Captain D’Ref that was attacking other Corsairs in the camp.
  • Fixed an issue with Thunn’Ha Ally and Thunn’Ha Veteran Ally that T-posed in Animal Pen.
  • Fixed an issue with Ator the Slavemaster that did not drop Ator’s Mace or Ator’s Pike at the intended rate. Ator now drop one of his loot items 100% of the time.
  • Fixed an NPC that did not attack players at Steerman’s Watch.
  • Fixed NPCs from camps added in 2.3 update that may have appeared with seemingly dyed clothing.


  • Pure buff will now remove both poison and food poisoning properly on any stacks.
  • Fixed an issue where buffs provided by armor pieces could persist if items swapped quickly.
  • Fixed an issue with Khayne’s Leggings and Khayne’s Bracers. These items now have correct model on the player’s character.
  • Fixed an issue with Aspect of the Wolf’s strength bonus did not re-apply after character’s health returned above 50%.
  • Fixed issues with Scroll Vehemence Elixir. After using the Scroll (Vehemence Elixir) item, player’s character receives “Stygian Alchemy” Feat which provides recipe for Vehemence Elixir. After obtaining the Feat, the elixir is fully craftable in the Alchemy Bench.
  • Shaggai Drone no longer spawns with 0% chance growth.
  • Vermin hide boots and pants give +1 to every stat as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Feroxic Bow that did not show up on character.
  • Fixed an issue where Huntress arrows in combination with a Bow made a white square in inventory hot bar.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to obtain Siptah legendary recipes on Exiled Lands map.
  • Removed erroneous cripple keyword from Voidforge Gladius.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to interact with 3 out of 6 pillars inside the Menagerie. It’s now possible to gain scrolls by interacting with all of the plinths inside the Voidforge.
  • Added proper category to several items which were placed in the wrong category in Admin Panel
  • Added subtitles to all greeting and farewell lines for Valeria’s.
  • Fixed a gap in texture around the Character’s waist when equipped various items.


  • Fixed a visible gap in the ground’s textures nearby the Cairn of the First men.
  • Fixed texture issues on pillar at Coldheart Ruins.
  • Fixed visible seamlines on Exiles camp hill.
  • Fixed chests in Strandwatch Keep that clipped through other objects.
  • Fixed a floating chests at The Ashen Core.
  • Fixed multiple incorrect chest positions in Watchtower.
  • Fixed chests in Strandwatch Keep that clipped through other objects.
    Fixed chest in Grave of the Leviathan that clipped through objects when opened.
  • Changed the material on the pirate banners. These should now flap in the wind much slower.


  • Fixed an issue with Storm VFX that was not applied to the player while in the maelstrom.
  • Fixed an issue with Great Axe of the Great Wolf that had incorrect player wielding animation.
  • Fixed certain iron nodes and stone nodes resource animations.


  • Fixed an issue where notes with voice over cause subsequent voice overs. Pressing repeat button no longer causes another VO sample to be played.

  • Fixed issue where Valeria repeated a line of dialogue.

  • Fixed Accursed flying bugs audio. The neighboring creatures on the land complained about the noise they made. Pesky buggers are now quieter than ever.


Thanks for the update on testlive. Hopefully it will reach live servers soon.

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Wow, lots of work put into this. Good job so far. :+1:

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Much appreciated.

However putting the event way ahead of intended patch time was a mistake, I was one expecting the patch , but please take as much time as you need Before release!! , But hey can tell people are getting a bit anxious. Lol.

BTW which is is the accursed citadel?

The Accursed Citadel is the large NPC camp north of the Dark Tower in the center of the map on the Isle of Siptah.

Let me guess, the big tower that was buildt beside the edge has crumbled now in the extended no build zone :slight_smile:

Excellent! I just made a set of Dragonbone armor (yesterday) and was mildly curious why no dragon bones were needed. I was glad, as I’d yet to find a dragon to harvest bones from, but good to have it proper now.

Thank you so much for the noisy bug fix! It WAS the singular most annoying sound in all of Conan’s adventures.

What is it that y’all did exactly? The games been dead more then ever before … PvP is controlled by horses and thralls still … people keep on exploiting cause it’s so easy it blows my mind? All you re doing is pve stuff that pvers even them selves get bored after 1 week of playing like come on where is the PvP over haul my goodness how hard is it for you guys? It’s been 2 years and you’ve only managed to make the game worse and worse it’s mind boggling how long this game takes just to make it good it seriously doesn’t take much you guys think anyone will play dune if you can’t finish conan?

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What did they do for PvP? You can start by reading the patch notes.


@Multigun, why do you do this to yourself. You know better than to feed the trolls. :pleading_face:


I am upset all of the new recipes have been removed from the Exiled Lands. While I could understand removing the Voidforged weapons for obvious reason, to also remove fast elevators, all the deco, and the new armor just seems a kick in the teeth for players who prefer EL over Siptah, especially since for many Siptah still feels like too small a map to play enjoyable compared to EL.


i am truly happy about it, you can always go to siptah, to learn then head back. problem solved.

Didn’t know they already implemented character transfer between maps.

me neither, its supposed to happen in the near future , but remember siptah IS EARLY ACCESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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That’s the thing tho…we don’t know what “character transfer” will do.
Maybe it will be just lvl and characters look transfer and that’s it.
So think it’s a bit too early to say that we will be able to learn recipes on one map and then transfer character with those recipes to another map.

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