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:confused: I can imagine , I’ve started a feedback thread that if implemented may have prevented you this struggle

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I noticed in the testlive update that there are fixes to human NPCs being immune to being stunned way too often. Is it possible that those fixes can instead be hot fixed into the current official build? Combat against human NPCs is WAY TOO DIFFICULT because they NEVER get stunned anymore. I remember trying to destroy the Abyssal (Abysmal? I’ve seen it called both) Remnant, and when I did, I said, “It was way easier to kill this thing than it was to get to the damn Dregs to kill it!” It’s really not fun to play this game when you’re constantly getting stunned, but the human NPCs aren’t.

Edit: just to clarify, I’m only referring to hotfixing the fixes to NPCs not getting stunned into the current build.

I have a doubt. When transferring, does the character lose all locations that have already been discovered on the map?


he loose only obelisks, and you have to take them again.

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I couldn’t get the game to work with any of the mods I used that modified building pieces, for one. I removed them 1 by 1 and I could tell that I was getting further along with booting.

Doesn’t explain anything at all, but okay.

Didn’t help that IQoL is also crashing Testlive. So 2.6 looks like it is not going to be terribly fun for modders so far.

…because IQOl hard edits core blueprints…Extremely routine that it needs updating. Same with lbpr. Extremely, extremely, routine.

I haven’t tried transfer in the current testlive, but in 2.5 live game you lose all obelisks, journey steps, discovered parts of a map and all emotes, has this been fixed in testlive?

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I lost the courage to transfer, :expressionless: Thanks for the info. :+1:

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I have to admit, a lot of welcome fixes/updates but, no mention of thralls falling through the ground mesh.
Is this an issue on console only?

No, the problem applies on PC as well. (It’s just hard to voluntarily reproduce…) I don’t know whether it’s meant to be fixed yet or not - but it’s possible some of the references to AI pathing improvements may cover this (hopefully…)

New revision is out.



No mention of falling thru the mesh.
No one likes a tease Ignasi. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EDIT: Well, some do.


I had issues “Continuing” my game on the latest update of Test Live. It would load the game but I had no video. Only a black screen. I tried to load/run the game 3x’s with the “Continue” option on the launcher. However, once I selected “Launch” the game loaded with video. Just thought I should mention this.

The only other thing of note in the short time I was in the game was that my thrall very briefly starting fighting a skeleton with her fists. I think it was only one attack and then she unsheathed her weapon.

Keep up the good work Funcom!


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