Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

I didn’t say with 2 tries. I said with 2 items + eldarium. You could delve broken items. So all you needed was 2 items of the same kind + eldarium.

Then there must be something either different about weapons or something I don’t understand. Each bow or axe was delved separately. Are armors process differently? I have avoided that, satisfied with my epic medium.



I think the confusion is that “10 pieces of basic armor” sounds like “2 sets of basic armor” instead of “10 times the same piece of basic armor”, e.g. 10 helmets. Unless I’m misinterpreting things, you were saying the latter and @Narelle thought you were saying the former.

You’re correct, Code, about my train of thought, 10 of the cheapest pieces but as far as I know the delve is sequential. One then the next, and so on.

First off, @Narelle has much more experience and knowledge about this than I do. Several things (maybe I read too deep) hit me.

First, I did not know you could delve broken armor since it does not work with weapons.
Second, can two pieces be delved at the same time?

I got frustrated with the axe after those 13 tries and guess what I got when I went after a specific bow? Pissed.

So, I left armor alone, maintaining my sanity (Ithink). Regardless, awaiting release anticipating getting the schem the first try.



@CodeMage @Jim1 as this discussion is off-topic and it won’t matter soon anyway, I will record and send you a short video a bit later.


Hey everybody,

We have released a new revision of the Testlive build, version 2.2.265775.

Here’s the Changelog:


  • Fixed an exploit in regards to alter character stats over normal values.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to not consume stamina after completing certain actions.


  • Fixed an issue where placeables were sometimes spawned in world with 0 HP.
  • Fixed an issue where damaged placeables were repaired on a server restart.


  • Attack stamina consumption is now triggered on attack start instead of during the animation. This is to prevent some exploit and desync issues.
  • Fixed an issue where blocking attacks from ranged weapons with a shield would not drain stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where attacks performed up close against a player blocking with a shield would not drain stamina.


  • Further tweaked the differences in stamina consumption between light, medium and heavy armor (*):
    • Light Armour - high stamina regeneration, most affected by over-encumbrance(*).
      • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 3.0 (No load), 5.0 (Light load), 7.0 (Medium load), 9.0 (Heavy load), 18.0 (Overload).
    • Medium Armour - average stamina regeneration, least affected by over-encumbrance.
      • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 5.0 (No load), 5.5 (Light load), 6.0 (Medium load), 6.5 (Heavy load), 13.0 (Overload).
    • Heavy Armour - low stamina regeneration, somewhat affected by over-encumbrance.
      • Time to regenerate full stamina, in seconds: 7.0 (No load), 8.0 (Light load), 9.0 (Medium load), 10.0 (Heavy load), 20.0 (Overload).


  • Pre-2.2 shields are now fully functional and block damage as intended.
  • The Nemedian and Godbreaker boots stats have been restored to their original values pre-2.2.
    • The Nemedian:
      • Armor value: 88.
      • Weight: 9,92.
    • Godbreaker boots:
      • Durability: 7200.
    • Chilled Godbreaker boots:
      • Armor value: 106.
      • Durability: 7200.
      • Weight: 15,31.
  • Daggers of Dagon durability has been restored to its original value of 900.

( * )
We are further tuning the stamina changes based on your feedback and playtesting from TestLive. The initial values we chose were too tame, they did not create meaningful differences between armour class and the effect of over-encumbrance.

To reinforce the armour class identities, we are pushing the differences between them further in relation to stamina:·

  • Light Armour - high stamina regeneration, most affected by over-encumbrance.
  • Medium Armour - average stamina regeneration, least affected by over-encumbrance.
  • Heavy Armour - low stamina regeneration, somewhat affected by over-encumbrance.

With their other properties (damage mitigation and dodge) this creates a more unique experience playing the different armour class, we are also extending the ability to configure these values for server admins.

These are the current target regeneration rates in seconds by armour type vs encumbrance.

For these numbers to be in effect the following server settings must be set with the corresponding values:

Click here to expand.
Server setting Default value
StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier 1
StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier 0.6
StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier 0.428571
StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier 0.333333
StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier 0.166667
StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier 0.6
StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier 0.545455
StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier 0.5
StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier 0.461538
StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier 0.230769
StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier 0.428571
StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier 0.375
StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier 0.333333
StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier 0.3
StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier 0.15
StaminaRegenerationTime 3.75
StaminaExhaustionTime 3.75

These new settings don’t need to be set manually, as they will be pushed by default, but any admins are free to adjust and tinker with their values.


Interesting decision with the armor types behaving differently with Stam regen and load.
However, before you release these changes, I wish to point out two significant necessary changes:

  • “Hard worker” needs to be moved back to 20 Surv.
  • Whenever someone disconnects inside a vault where the boss is dead - upon relogging they appear in the middle of the ocean, where it is impossible to recover any loot on the body.

Cool. I am testing out the new stamina system right now in single player test live. The difference in the feel of armor types is great. I also tried the different armor types with 50 points in agility, and you can seriously notice the difference.

One thing I’d like to point out. Being over encumbered no longer allows you to dodge, which is okay but you can still back flip with daggers, which makes no sense.

All in all, these changes are feeling good.


So, easy said medium is the armor that have less punishment. For example, u will get light load pretty soon u have an armor on you. With that will give u regen 5.5 seconds. While with light that will get also lightload and it will have 5, but 7 (!) As soon u start put stuff on you. Mean while medium only give +0.5 from light to medium load?

Sorry but for me it does not make any sense.

Im still curious about why (?!) u even touching the regen, make different armor types drain different amount of stamina instead while doing stuff.


Don’t give them ideas you… bad person.

Haha. I actually think the dagger back flip should be an agility perk. It should also use more stamina than a roll!

Please don’t hate me :wink:


Under balance updates:

Is it intended that the Medium load, Heavy load and Overload stamina regeneration is worse with light armor than with medium armor?

Or perhaps did the Medium load, Heavy load and Overload values get switched?

The values would make more sense to me progression-wise if the values were “6.0 (Medium load), 6.5 (Heavy load), 13.0 (Overload).” for light armor and “7.0 (Medium load), 9.0 (Heavy load), 18.0 (Overload).” for medium armor. Otherwise I cannot fathom the reasoning behind these numbers.

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He actually explains their reasoning in the post. It’s the three bullet points under the stamina regen times.


Aye, the point is pretty clear: light armor is now intended to punish heavy loads, while medium is the most balanced. The part that seems off to me is that light + overloaded is described as worse than heavy + overloaded, but heavy’s “somewhat affected” gives +10s regen time (20s total) vs. light’s “most affected” for +9s (18s total). Overloading is described as having an intermediate effect on heavy, but heavy has both the largest penalty for overloading and the worst absolute regen time when overloaded. I’m not saying it seems unreasonable, but it doesn’t match the description provided.


I see what you mean. It does sort of seem like heavy regen at the overloaded end of the scale should be better than light given their language.

It’s an interesting change.

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It would be nice if we could get a hotfix that includes the fixes for server crashing exploits and character stat exploits…these issues are killing PvP servers right now and there really isn’t a need to gate them behind the stamina overhaul.

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I don’t get what direction you are taking this game at all.

It seems you are trying to take the existing content and make it more grindy and more RNG.

but not adding any new content like quests, npc’s, voice acting, just general content of having something to do. there is no skill system in place that allows you to improve your character other than being level 60, something like a paragon system or skill trees, etc. you know…same thing every other game has for end game content. same things people have had to create mods to do because the base game has nothing.

with the existing content, the entire game is level to 60, build a box, knock a couple of thralls over the head, craft the best weapons/gear, then you are done. if you know what you are doing that takes about 20 hours to complete the game.

instead you just make all the things we already have take more time to acquire/maintain. and that affects mostly new players as existing players already have everything and there is nothing to do other than logging in once a week to make sure your base doesn’t get decayed.

i dont get that at all.

Also, i would point out that this is only applicable to the official servers. on most unofficial servers, people have regen setup high, or attributes high, so all of this work would have little to no impact on unofficial servers .

anyway, great patch, looking forward to sprinting less when i gather materials

@dorpie i like the idea of it having a stamina cost while doing stuff and i agree with your thoughts on the armor messing with regen

Its called balance dude… Realism has nothing to do with it. The reality is those items rendered so many things useless. It was overpowered as hell. This is a survival game, that requires materials to build and repair as a core aspect of the game. Those armor pieces literally removes those aspects.

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The game is a survival sandbox with a heavy pvp focus. Idk what your expecting here, but maybe this is the wrong game for you.