Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Yeah. Even if you get duplicates, it at least creates a trade economy, esp PVE. something the game sorely misses in its “economy” tbh.

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I can confirm that for ground fight it will be fine. But knocking someone off a horse will make no sense now, simce the timer was way to fast before to get back on the horse, it’s even worse now. Getting knocked and able to jump on it right after is terrible.

Yeah. I was wondering about horses. Haven’t bothered to get a horse on testlive so I couldn’t check that.

The point of there size is that you want a small concealed base you have to get smaller stations but be less effective but if you build extra and get larger stations you have better productivity and able to build more efficient weapons and armors as that the intended but wether people like it or not is a different matter

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The solution that immediately springs to mind for me would be to wipe the horse’s stamina and make mounting impossible until it had recovered. I assume even just letting you get back on but not move faster than trotting speed until it (slowly) recovered its wiped-out stamina would be reasonably detrimental, if I’m to judge by how miserable it is when I remount a storm-exhausted horse too quickly on live servers.

Still, the recovery time of the horses is still not a long as it should be. In my opinion u should be real punished to get knocked of the horse, and should not be able to be mount again for atleast 30 seconds.

So ya, about that. They announced months ago they are working on a map transfer option but it won’t be ready until closer to final release. No other details, so don’t know what will be transferable.

Okay, besides all the bugs fixes that are listed in the 3 updates to Testlive, what else would you want to see?

As usual, I would suggest making a separate suggestion thread on what you would like to see.

Hello again,

Thanks for reading this post and for not releasing the update yet. :slight_smile:

From the perspective of tech artist & engineer with game dev experience:

Another important step in the release cycle is working with QA and their capacity. You must set QA up for success so you can all be successful. If QA doesn’t have the capacity to test all the changes going into one release, then you need to cherry pick. :cherries:

This should be done at the beginning of the sprint during the planning phase with QA.
The amount of changes in the list and the continued development over the past two weeks
leaves room for doubt the QA team has any hope of testing these features / bug fixes. :scream_cat:

This completely misses the point of TestLive. :confounded:

Release Schedule and proper use of Test Live

One week before release, CODE FREEEZE. This means:
• Branching, Tag, setting up stream in source control. This is now your release branch.
• NO more new development on release branch. This defeats the purpose of test live and code freeze
• NO more feature creep
• Bug fixes ONLY in this branch, bug fixes can be migrated to the main branch later :bug:
• Continue to update TestLive from this branch ONLY until bugs are fixed.
• If bugs are not fixed within the week, do not release, keep at it, fix em! :slightly_smiling_face:

Once Testlive has been stable for a week, then you are ready for release.
(This means no bug fixes over the last week)

This is proper use of TestLive and release cycles. :sunglasses:
Please ensure the decision makers understand release cycles.

  • Testlive still crashes when spawning a modded item. :fire:
    This was previously narrowed down to a change in behaviour of OnEquip

Have Funcom an Time Window when this Hits the Live Servers? Still this Year?

Alone the Thrall Path finding AI sound really promising,i like it to have it soon
Because every time my Thrall behave strange or not at all, i Pull my Hairs

So for not ending baldness i hope they fix the Thralls behaviors at last with an Hotfix

Yea. A little RNG in a game is nice, but Conan has too much currently. Too much RNG leads to grinding, which I --and I believe most people?–think is not inherently fun. It just becomes a chore to playthe “fun” part of the game.


Despite this game’s flaws, it’s the responsiveness of the dev team that keeps me playing this game. Thank you guys for all the hard work.


i am going to respond for him, so according to you , there is nothing else to fix? or do you believe the patch notes fixes all the problems that are carried since launch? or the ones that has been populating the game since 2 years? or one year? or maybe those added to the game with sipta? …

you must be new. until recently there was a constant blackout from the dev team, as i see it now, they are slightly better at communication (considering the big amount of uncalled major changes to the game. thank god, but there is still room for improvements in that regard, patch notes has seen the best improvements in terms of communication,

No, Multigun is asking what are their top priority bugs that have not been addressed with this patch.


HMM it does not say that, in the way i read it, he states the fixes done in 3 test lives patches, and asks what else would he want to see fixed, he never asked what was the user top priorities, i guess we read between lines differently.

and apparently the user *after the last patches, is still complaining for (obviously a large amount of problems still present in the game)

because you do realize the game is still suffering from old issues? some VERY old ones?

I suppose you are reading it differently than me then. I communicate with Multigun daily and for me, he genuinely asks what the user wants fixed.

Funcom have to prioritize and not everything can be fixed without re-writing a big portion of the code which is a whole new can of worms. Asking to fix 100% all bugs is not realistic. However, if people list their bugs in the order they want to have them fixed, this may help. Think about it this way, if can ask for one bug to be fixed, which bug that would be.


i guess you were not around when trello board was here . another pointless waste of time for everyone.

people have already posted those bugs dozens of times, i am sure Funcom knows exactly what people are complaining about. whichj bugs are the most important ones, tip : some are very old!

My point with that is to indicate that there are 3 sections of patch notes that the person I replied to may not have been aware of. The other 2 aren’t easy to find if you aren’t aware of them.

I could have been more clear about it, but I wasn’t attacking the person. I was asking a genuine question to see what other bugs they felt were missed that they feel should be a high priority. This is all irrelevant to this thread though, this is meant to address Testlive concerns and noted bugs.


You do you but I don’t see how these types of posts are any helpful. P.S. I have been around for a while.

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POINT Taken., those are not easy to find unless you are following the thread.,