Testlive Warning

I’m saying this as a warning to all players that own the Aqulonion DLC and are currently not in testlive.

If you built a base completely out of T3 Aqulonion like me and are planning on switching to testlive for the pets before the August 16 patch “Don’t “
Ask yourself is s it worth the risk of loosing your base Because in my case I just discovered the Aqulonion DLC is not implemented in testlive so I just switched over and lost 17 real days worth of work I built an entire city out off t3 and only just finished converting it all to Aqulonion marble I lost everything and now I have over 300 thralls all now homeless

So be carful this may not happen to you this May be a massive bug on my end just a heads up.

I’m starting fresh now on live server becouse test live is not worth it if I can’t build in Aqulonion anymore.

I’ll just wait for the live patch for pets and put up with all the spoilers. And see what happens to everybody else when they go to testlive in August 16 hopefully the patch fixes this.

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I wanted to make the transition over to testlive now to get ready for the new pets and god update and to test stability.
The testlive build is supposed to be more updated then the live build I wasn’t expecting it to be so fare behind.

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Not the local single player servers no wiping.

Not an expert here but is the testlive version updated?

I figure the DLC is not included because it might be still the testlive version prior MOAP and Aquilonian.
Just a wild guess but never saw an announcement about an update of testlive.

No the testlive build has not been updated for the Aqulonion DLC.
But players already using testlive probably already know this.
As for those opting in now thier is no warning and players will loose their Aqulonion until they go back.

Hents the warning

Yes, the Test Live build currently is on the MOAP patch. It has not been updated, but was supposed to be this week for some bug fixes.

Continuing the discussion from Patch Schedule for the next two weeks [31.07.2018]:

This is from 10 days ago.

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Awesome thanks

What’s this god update you speak of? Are there any details on that?

With the release of the pets system they are also releasing the Jhebbal Sag religion path and god avatar.

The gods’ attacks have been nerfed so badly, it doesn’t seem worth the grind to farm archpriests anymore. That same time one could farm enough explosives to raid any base.

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