Text size in 4k

Anyone got a fix for text scaling at 4k? I’ve maxed all the sliders in the options but the text is still too small… the screen area is fine (compass, minimap, skill bars etc but mission text is unreadable.

try google for TrashScaler

@Vomher Can you help with your insights on this?

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Tried that mod, do I have to activate it? I’ve put the files where they’re supposed to be but it didn’t do anything.

other then putting the unzipped ThrashScaler folder into the correct folder for your version of swl it should appear after restart

Yes! Thank you for tagging me!

For many instances of text that can’t be scaled either in the Interface Options or through GUI Edit Mode, you can edit the font sizes used by fonts.xml. The most notable reason for doing so is to make the chat font legible in large resolutions such as 4k. While DredNowt didn’t specify whether chat was also hard to read, they should definitely consider editing fonts.xml to make chat easier on the eyes. You can find a lovingly crafted walkthrough on how to do so at TSWDB!
Please be aware that any edits made to the client’s xml files will only be acknowledged by the client when it is launched, so if you make any edits you make to fonts.xml while the game is up then you will need to fully restart the client in order to see any changes.

TrashScaler, the mod others mentioned in this thread, will scale certain elements that aren’t normally able to be scaled by default, such as the Agent Network, so anything not covered by all of the sliders in the Interface Options or the GUI Edit Mode will able to be scaled by TrashScaler… except for anything chat-related. TrashScaler is not able to fix chat font sizes.

I hope all of this (and everything said by others) helps!